three times tingles


Had 4 Fingers 2x consecutively lol whateven.

And Sashimi Salad YOSHHHH SO AWESOME <3 With awesome company LSM!! hehehe. Had a haircut while waiting for Sushi Tei to call us, LOL.



Me & my new hair cut. (I know you can’t see the difference.) Lol I have started to believe my own copy- esp the health and beauty ones. Today I brought kiwi, apple,cherry tomatoes and guava to the office for lunch. Upz not.. hahaha XD  As you can see I think I put on some weight liao wah cannot .


BYE JIETINGGGGG have a great exchange love <3 And thanks friends for advice on napkins :P 


  • when my dad cooks CHICKEN rendang instead of beef rendang cause I’m not eating beef for a month. 
  • when I finally come home to eat dinner and THERE IS CRAB
  • food in the office
  • having time to fold laundry
  • hugs

Random thoughts:

  • I ended up being a writer anyway. LOL.
  • Long copy is such an indulgence but ahh :’)
  • Samples *_*


Just a quick round-up before I create a backlog of posts for myself! Have been rather busy these few weeks- going to work, training, NUS Open and meeting friends and all. Left NUSOPEN earlier today to come home to deal with laundry and household chores hahaha. Shag siol.

How is work? Work is good. Challenging enough too! Learning a lot on the job- I think I definitely need to… pay attention to detail. When I am rushing I really tend to overlook things. (Such a big picture person) In the real world it can have bad repercussions and since I am the ‘voice’ of companies I need to watch my steps carefully.  Becoming fat though. Office has lots of food and samples etc zomg dies.

Went for Jieting’s Serious.Fun Youth Showcase at Fo Guang Shan! Went all the way to Punggol k, don’t play play hahaha.


Was very proud of her and Weixin and all the laojiaos like Fel & Yeesiang too. Awesome job guys!! So much effort into a great performance and night :) I didn’t expect this level of engagement haha I was happily clapping away on the plastic clapper hahahah. So awesome seriously. Weixin’s compositions were sung and danced to by the crew!! And JT was like in almost every performance dawwws. And the ‘life’ video is hilarious HAHA

Was thinking about community in ong’s car to KFC. It is really nice to see a different type of community come together. Kinda left my NUS/CAPT one.. what anchors me now? Community is really powerful. So much support - and I would think it imbues life with lots of meaning. Ie. with a religious organisation/church - you feel less idle and lonely. idleness= evil!! So many happy families and children- wonder how it must feel to grow up in such a network. Like having so many family friends and a place to grow in every weekend. Friends you’ve known since you were 5 years old. And all serving a common purpose/spreading good/being brought up in a particular manner. Would want to create such a good environment for my kids too haha. A secure, loving, stable place :)  I guess your own connections in future will also affect your childrens’- more parent friends means more family friends and play dates? And more friends for your children. Haha.

Talked about life in KFC haha. I love like.. suibian suibian going to fast food joint to hang out. It’s like the ultimate chill to me, aside from hanging out in houses. I love it :) Thanks friends btw haha loves very much <3 

Went out with Melvin for dinner hahaha. We went to try Babette! Didn’t disappoint hahaha. In fact I left feeling quite enamoured by the Yuzu Beer. Can you believe it hah Yuzu + BEER! LOL!! Damn nice (Y)


This is the avocado salmon thing that is small but yummy :) and below, the bacon tempura my sister and dad will like !


the highlight of the night: MATCHA LAVA CAKE! this stuff is legit. 


thanks for the catch up :)) next year 10 years friends liao leh… lol from the silly days of MSN to legal adults hahaha :D

Also met up with these ladies~~~ hahaha had lots of fun catching up. loves very much :)


Had this moment where,.. I just felt very 幸福。Just got off wenx’s car laughing our asses off at her shouting chinese encouragement hahahaha and then Jess and I were just walking to another bus stop. “in that moment, we were infinite” lol. It rained, and the traffic lights and roads had a certain shine. It’s my favourite actually :) Then just walking and chatting.. being out at night with pretty lights and lovely company makes me very happy. Haha :)

Went to send Claudia off at the airport today. It was one of the saddest airport farewells ever. A small and sweet farewell- from family who loved her!! I think we kinda crashed them though oops :X

But zomgz. MISSED THE DIAMONDS!! hahaha. so good to see them <3 Hhaha. I always feel like we work well together in some sense? Like we’re all really different with our personalities and all- but brought together by music hahah it’s a touching story like that. I like how we each have our own specialty- ie. when I don’t like doing this, another person does it because he likes it. so like everyone kinda fits well together haaha IMO. most of the time anyways. Well anyway it was fun hanging out for a while :) silly moments with the skateboard hahah. :))) Bon voyage and take care dear claudy!!! <3


Going to the airport and talking about travel makes me feel a lot of wanderlust! Hope to travel somewhere again :)) Very scary though sometimes- as all of us scatter to different parts of the earth, leading our own separate lives. Yes, we can keep in touch, but everyone is moving, time is moving, moving moving and sometimes it just really scares me as how quickly and irreversible this whole thing is. Then I just tell myself to calm down and let go of things I cannot control. Just breathe and let be.

Went back for NUSOPEN- the first day to score, and the second to play haha. Field was mega muddy haha we were all walking around barefoot lol. But today we found out that being in socks really keeps our feet dry and toasty. No more mudspa for me. Haha. 

Damn heng though no rain!! :D

First day scoring was interesting- scoring with Minghui haha and both of us being blur and freaking out sometimes :P Saw a cut play! That was interesting. And some nice hits too. Then this morning 8am game me and Siangping were trying hard to keep calm too. HAHA :P Big thanks to Pok for picking us easties like at 6am to go to school! And Cass for the yummy breads :) And Minghui for the handmade cookies :) And Nat for the jelly :D

Birthday girl decked out in brand new catching gear :D





Damn happy to see the seniors zomg <3 MISSES MUCH!!!! fangirl mode on also hahaha was raving about them to the juniors :P

We won our game but I guess we kinda played rather badly haha. D:
Hope to keep morale boosted for the next weekend :) Everybody damn shag from waking early and basically setting up and running all the shit for the Open. Not like I helped out much but haha but still shag haha.  Yawen was super upz hahaha. And I think our team improved in fielding and running overall :) Butt we can definitely up our batting!! Jiayous :D

Lastly, hahaha our very very very early christmas exchange at Jeia’s HAHAH <3 VVVV silly but I love hanging out at houses. Loves heehee <333 Thanks ong for giving us a lift~~ And the awesome steamboat hahaha I ate so much :x LOL. And San for the Japan gifts heehee ~~! And my angel for my new Ed Sheeran X album :D


Also received my Nat Geog sub, my Gabe Bondoc Honestly album (yay!!) , and a postcard from ade. awwww <3 

Gonna go sleep nao hahaha loves  <3 TTYL~~

—Laurel in An Available Man by Hilma Wolitzer
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35. Bulbasaur Flowerpot (Succulent Monsters)
x7r found them! :) you can buy these from here or there is a 3D print version


35. Bulbasaur Flowerpot (Succulent Monsters)

x7r found them! :) you can buy these from here or there is a 3D print version

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harry potter | text posts

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This is so fucking poignant.

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{ from eggental to pustertal }

I will always love you.

Some part of me will always love you. I’ve had many crushes, but you were probably the only one I had ever truly fell in love with. Needless to say, I was scared yet exhilarated at the same time. 

You were my best friend. I’ve never wanted to spend so much time with anyone. You did not always understand me, but you always tried to. When you could not, you simply accepted me the way I was. That was powerful. You never ever put me down, not even as a joke. You were a source of support. A strength I never thought I would have.

I was scared. Maybe you were too. I’m sometimes sorry about how things have turned out but I think that in the end, this was the best for the both of us.

Right now all I want is for you to be happy.

Sometimes I look for your face in the crowded Internet. It makes me happy that you are happy, smiling, and amongst friends you care about. I wonder if you think the same about me. 

Sometimes I miss you very much. But I think meeting now would be a bad idea since all that is left have already dissolved. The memories that remain are already rose tinted, and I can only remember the good times we shared. I’ll never tell you this, but I will always love you from a distance.

When we stopped being ‘us’, I saw you everywhere. You were the boy walking in front of me, you were the boy in the bookstore. You were the boy in my lecture hall, you were the boy in the food court. I did a double take whenever I thought I had bumped into you. I was prepared to pretend that I didn’t see you, I was prepared to act nonchalant. Above all, I was prepared to run. 

You were in every song I wrote. Even as time passed and I met new people, there were always echoes of you in every song. Maybe it’s because you became a part of my soul. Maybe it’s because I’ve never loved anyone else, truly, since. 

We will get on with our lives. You’ll meet someone special, and so will I. We’ll marry them and feel on top of the world. I’ll look at your wedding photos on my newsfeed, maybe even wish you a sincere, heartfelt congratulations, but I’ll also feel a twinge of sadness, the variety that belongs in the category of what-could-have-beens. 

When I have my first child, you might like my mobile upload of a bald, crying newborn. He or she will be the most beautiful person I have ever seen, and I will look at life in a completely new way. By then I am already deeply embedded in my new roles in life, and so will you. We will be happy for each other, but we’ll never say it. We will not be in touch for decades, and hardly think about each other at all.

When you post photos of your children, I will be genuinely happy for you. I wish I could meet them. They are probably wonderful just like you are. I hope you enjoy being a father. 

At age 50 we might meet, coincidentally, at a social function. Someone introduces us, and we may go ‘Ah’, and share a knowing smile. That someone might feel excluded in that very moment and ask if we know each other. “Yes, from a very long time before,” I would reply. A playful mood will fall upon us and we make jokes at each other, just like old times. “You’ve become fat!” I would say, while you’ll tell me how I looked rounder as well. I threaten to pour the red wine all over your pressed shirt, and we both laugh at the silliness of it all. I am happy to have met you after all these years. We’ll discuss our lives in milestones, and you’ll tell me that your children have entered university and are doing well. We’ll have a grand time laughing over how we have become so old and frail, but then you’ll probably interject with something like, “But we’re always young at heart.” I’ll go home with a silly smile on my face. If my husband asks, I’ll just say that I’ve met a dear old friend. Which you are, you are. 

We are 70. We’ve been through a lot. It is family friend’s party and there you are, looking old, but still very charming, in the middle of the lawn. Of course, you are still holding a drink in your hands. You have grown to like whisky. Somehow I knew this moment would come. We’ll smile at each other, and get to know each other all over again. I will hold your wrinkled hands in mine, and hope your eyes still twinkle like they did before. A slow song comes up, and we have the kind of warm, slow and wistful dance old people do. Twinkling lights, orange cordial, cocktail sausages, and running grandchildren in the background. We’ll slip into an easy familiarity that not many have. We’ll tire easily and lie back on the grass. We’ll trace the inky sky and you’ll point at random stars and make up legit sounding constellations. “That’s Ursula, and that’s Tequila.”  I’ll still smile at your silliness. “Sure anot…you’re still full of shit.” There are more silences than talk, but I enjoy your gentle companionship. I’ll tell you my man had died a few years back. You’ll look at me and understand. You never really knew how to comfort me when you think I am sad, but age has wizened us all. We’ll sigh. A somewhat resigned sigh. But we are content, proud of the lives we have led in our youth. We’ll laugh when our bones crack while trying to get off the grass, and I’ll dust off stray leaves off my long patterned dress. Cleared throats and a handful of last jokes together, we’ll exchange stiff goodbyes. In my heart, I knew I would probably never meet you again. This was truly goodbye.

I’ll go before you. I wonder if you did come to my wake. Perhaps you didn’t. You probably didn’t know- we have no other connections between us. Maybe you were lying in a hospital bed somewhere. It’s okay, I don’t hold it against you. 

So… I just wanted to say, I know we will never be together the same way ever again, but I’m still glad I’ve met you in this life. I’m glad for what we had, even if it was just a short wink in the long passage of time. You’ll always be a part of me,

and I will always love you.

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Crazy Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

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Defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological strategies that help us to cope with reality whilst also preserving our self esteem. Normal, healthy people use them regularly. However, some unhealthy defenses include:

1. Acting out: This is directly expressing an unconscious impulse without…

cause I’m feelin’ good

caught up with sleep and reading today in between tuition!! Ahhh I feel great now- thanks to a lot of positivity from an unlikely source- my library book, Digital Leader!

So let’s give some thanks today

  • having hilarious tuition kids. One of them gave me Jagabee HAHA <3
  • My dad bought me a box of coca cola HAHAHA I’m so addicted , dreamt that I was drinking it this morning. Haven’t touched a single can yet though haha.
  • a Sunday morning all to myself :)
  • catching a glimpse of the Sg chopper & the flag during tuition
  • dinnerrrr at home :)
  • awesome friends :)
  • pretty songs- Violet Hill- Coldplay
  • Rita Ora reminds me of … like a retro Jessie J ahha.
  • smiles from strangers ^^

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