three times tingles


but I’ll give it all I’ve got :)

In other news, sent out more resumes & made good progress with my online course assignments & projects :)

Cheers to you :)



Quicksilver  |  X-Men: Days Of Future Past

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I promised myself if this hit my dash again I’d reblog it. I miss this show.

I’ve always wanted to eat at Bueno Nacho. 

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I’m gonna marry her anyway//

Lol so addicted to this reggae-pop jam!!


Okay so I finally recorded a video of me doing a mash-up I arranged a while ago. LOL. My previous attempts pretty much failed- so I just took a leaf out of Gabe Bondoc’s music videos- do like one take. Stop being perfectionist and shit cause REAL ARTISTS SHIP. 

Yeah so lol I uploaded it even with the me going off a little bit hahahaha. Ah well :)

Hopefully will take this more seriously and make more music for everybody <3

Aiming for a live gig though!! :)Thanks for all your support friends and skyedivers ;) And for liking/sharing/commenting my video!! Shared it for the first time on FB and I am quite surprised hahaha damn sweet everybody. <3

Thank you. I hearts.

//Funny comments:

Aud: You smiled at me right after I clicked the ‘Like’ button!!! 


Weixuan (after sharing my vid on FB): Say first my endorsement might not be very effective. It’s me endorsing after all LOL

HAHAHAHAHAHA friends you damn funny !!!


Haha FB is pretty amazing. Have been receiving surprising messages of encouragement, thank you all. xoxo



"Rude" | Magic!

excuse me this is the jam

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How it really feels when stepping on a Lego


How it really feels when stepping on a Lego

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So… I finally show my *beautiful* face HAHAHA SO PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU PLEASE <3

Many loves and many thank yous.

Timber x DJ Got Us Falling in Love (Skye Soon Cover)

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