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I just watched Mary and Max. It’s an Australian clay-animated movie. I loved the beautiful story and little doodles. (Plus I cried 3 times)

Maroon 5’s Maps.

The chorus reminds me a bit of recent  electronic korean tunes. But another dancey hit from M5 :)

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begin again


Spent my time giggling at silly things- just so many references and feelings I can identify with. A Sylvia Plath reference? Hahahaha how did you even sneak that in really. The ballet scene. Lulz. The band. The prodigy violinist. Hahahahhaha. 

An endearing movie- could be better but I think we’re too spoilt by blockbusters. Enjoyed it though :) Music movies :’) Just very relatable. Didn’t like some of the song choices but yes. Damn it I can hear arrangements without being drunk. Hope to create new material for my future gig :)

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To dream that you are at the dentist suggests that you are having some doubt over the sincerity and honor of some person in your life. You are experiencing some momentary anxiety or pain, but you will be a better and stronger person for it in the long run.

Well… there was also some battle going on in my dream. A claustrophobic room. Dubious characters in my ‘team’. Fighting for survival. Getting lost in Japan Disneyland. Being late for an appointment. Disappointing people. Getting caught. A familiar face but now cooler- you have an ear stud now!  Haha. I missed you. Think you’re the only reason this dream didn’t turn into a full fledged nightmare.



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//just an ordinary, dispensable human in your world

wrote a half song on the bus back home- kinda emotionally drained now.

this song is kinda raw and vulnerable for me and I won’t be developing it cause it kinda pains me when I sing it. But for now it helps me express everything and helps me to heal I guess. Sent it to a few friends, don’t intend to share it anymore, but you can always drop a line if you would like to hear it. Thanks for staying with me, I know I’m hard to understand sometimes.



my favorite part of the whole movie. He’s not saying that she’s cute, attractive, or anything else you would usually expect, but saying you look good. you look right. you look like you are where you belong; piloting a badass mecha and kicking kaiju ass. 

and that was everything 

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Relistening to Fancy and I realised that I like Charli XCX, not Iggy. LOL!!

Was so excited when Charli’s Boom Clap played during Fault in Our Stars!! Never heard the song before but her voice is distinct enough.  So awesome to identify singers from just their voices. Satisfaction max. Keke.

/edit: Hmmmmmmm not very impressed by their live perfs though

/edit2: Charli reminds me a of a younger/pop version Lorde. (like Lorde isn’t already young enough)


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