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stuff we got high on. HAHA

stuff we got high on. HAHA

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Mossy table tops at an abandoned hotel in Japan


Mossy table tops at an abandoned hotel in Japan

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I smell pizza in the air. #9gag


I smell pizza in the air. #9gag


After about five weeks of not receiving payment, and lots of emails and phone call reminders to my client, I finally received the following text message:

"Sorry, I was in prison for beating up a bloke. Will pay you tomorrow lol."


Clazziquai Project: Tell Yourself

love this song- first found it on Tumblr. Magic tumblr <3

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Artist & Sculptor:

Ben Young


Laminated Clear Float Glass with Cast Concrete Base and Cast White Bronze Cabin.

H 170 mm x W 250 mm x D 350 mm

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in that moment I felt free and complete


hello y’all

Listening to: Save Me by Gentle Bones 

Digging this song, more than Elusive and Until We Die. Well done dude.

SO! Biggest update of my life for this entire week- I have my first ever full time job! I’m working as a Social Copywriter- I do copy and ad writing for clients’ Facebook Pages. My workplace is near my house and my colleagues are nice and funny hahaha! Lau sai hahaha. The office is homey. Also there is too much food going on in the office haha yesterday we had this awesome rojak and kaya cake, and today we had tangyuan from a famous Chinatown shop. I am completely bribed haha. Waiting for the food samples to come in HAHA *drools* Sure fat sia..

The first day at work my eyes died. I guess they were unaccustomed to staring at the computer for such long periods of time! Am also using a Mac in work- haha coming back and using my normal mouse feels sooooo disorienting. Am learning lots on the job and basically, I can’t share much but this I must say- having a business is so not easy. Haha. Will work hard :) Also a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends who had to deal with all my emotional shit these few months hahaha.

Met up with mah girls Lydia & Melo! Hhahaha my first high tea ever. Never felt so taitai in my life :P



*smoked salmon sandwich ftw* +chocolate tart

Went to the softball chalet, thanks Cass a billion for driving us there it was soooo ulu! And big thanks to Pok for sending us home hahaha :) NSRCC is gorgeous! Don’t remember seeing the facilities last time- probably cause we cabbed in for Shalet lol. Can’t wait to hold Together as Ten there next year :)

Thanks girls team for the lovely senior presents AWWW <3


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Was fun eating BBQ (notice my choice of words, HAHA I don’t cook BBQ anymore lulz. Laojiao life)(I kid. Thanks friends) and watching people play charades. Pam is super good at it HAHA! Stingray and squid omg how even.

Shit goes down in Avalon. Hahha.

Sebaz: 有三种人—-披着羊皮的羊,披着羊皮的狼,还有披着狼皮的狼!(Kokswee HAHA)

Joined the last two games when they needed the tenth person! Was pretty tired by then- brain was fried from my first day of work lol. I hate being the good person and I suaysuay got Merlin the first round. Whuuut. And I’m really bad at such deceptive/detective/mind logic games. I don’t like having to act as something/someone else haha I can’t repress my badass streak I’m sorry :P

True to nature I don’t like holding back. This is why I can say I have no regrets (most of the time anyway). My feelings change so quickly it’s pretty crazy hahaha I sometimes don’t keep up, so I guess I can’t expect anyone else to keep up either.

I also haz a new watch, in case I haven’t sent a pic of it to you yet.


ISN’T IT FREAKING ADORBZ?! Have been looking for a brown, small-faced watch, and this just takes the cake. The fat cat is so fly.

Sent Elvis off too! HAHA while in the bus I spotted Ade at the bus stop omg! That girl just came back from Shanghai after a year and though she didn’t see me I was so tickled hhahaha and messaged her immediately to ask if she was actually the person I saw, or just a lookalike!! Hhaha 

Missed my CAPT buddies. Kai rebonded her hair, and CC’s hair is consuming his face. LOL. We spent some time watching the kinetic rain- it has so many different ‘performances’ now! Like wings!! Gorgeous.

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#Elnessa sialz take care yall. All my CAPT friends flying off for exchange, while the rest start their semester next week. I already know what my next challenge will be, but I’ll need time to mull it over again.

Am glad for a job that gives me normal after hours though- can’t imagine giving up all these social gatherings and dinners for years and years on end.

I prayed for a job, one of the three prayers I made in a Kyoto Temple. In exchange I promised to abstain from beef eating for a month, for each prayer answered. Beef is like one of my favourite meat so haha I’m trying hard! So far so good! I’m determined to pay my dues!

Also went for Jen’s cool rooftop party. It was fun ;) Take care in NYC yo!!

Photo: At yesterday's rooftop party with the best bunch of people ❤️ it was so shag trying to pull this off but I'm so happy that everyone had funnnn! ☺️☺️☺️ super grateful to @chanyangyi, @nadiahnanni & @pulpdiary for making this happen! #happiestdayofmylife

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Also signed up for a 1 week trial at a gym with Wenx & Jess- I only joined them for two classes Kickboxing & Retro Dance. Haha back to back classes are so not funny. Kickboxing was fun. The instructor was energetic and passionate hahaha. He was singing along to the hyped up high energy songs, and going like ’ HIIIIYAH!’ when we had karate chop moves. Hahahaha as usual I was very amused haha! But yes, I enjoyed punching air. HAHA. Retro dance was boring and we left early. HAHA. Too many twirls make me dizzy. I should really just give up on dancing. Haha. All sorts of people at the gym- hot girl, auntie age, beefcakes, people who check each other out. Hahaha amazing micro-society mm.

Have put together a new original- had the chorus down a month ago when I was feeling shitty, but I just added verses I really like so I’m hoping they gel together better soon :) Brandon & I are also making progress on the original electronic track , can’t wait to share that with you as well. Am recovering from a little cough and flu thing so my voice ain’t back yet. 

And a sneak peek of my new music photoshoot taken by Leesimin ;3 


(Before my balloons flew away)

Take care peeps xx


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 Crystal Opal Looks Like a Handheld Aquarium by Inna Gem

Crystals and gems are revered and collected for their physical beauty and monetary value and this Opal Butte crystal with contra luz color is no exception. The stunning gemstone, like many opals, features a varied spectrum of colors, but what separates it from the others is its spectacular visual effect. It looks like an underwater view of the ocean floor as light shines through it. There’s a surreal quality about the gemstone that looks like a pocket-sized aquarium 

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radio silence

If you’re a friend and you’re reading this,

I will be away for a while.

Don’t worry.

Will be back, will be okay.

Take care. 

Till then,


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