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I probably want to go Summer Sonic because of BECK and ‘The Greatful Sound’. Anime shapes me so much HAHA


new found respect for psych students- this shit is mind boggling.


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From an animation I’m working for as keyframe illustrator.


From an animation I’m working for as keyframe illustrator.


big shout out to my teen years on the internet. 

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This guy wants to be mad but can’t

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come to me please

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Had a helluva week!

Was lots of fun haha but I was kinda physically burnt out by the 3 day insomnia and energy intensive activities haha.

Had ramen with Dori at Bedok! And awesomez durian ice cream ohmygawd my new vice. Am very glad that she finds a lot of joy in her work :) 

Had ramen yesterday too, with the Hs! Hahaha free taugay and eggs ftw!!! Had Melona ice cream omg wo hen xi huan :) Went watch hunting to no avail- and I shall look for a triangle black watch too hahaha indie hipster much? Was in a pick-fight mode yesterday- really grumpy from being tired!

Friendly- I think we made some good plays- this friendly was great practice and I hope everyone had fun :) The sun was blazing relentlessly though oh gosh too hot. 

Wore heels to an interview and up to now my feet still hurt. D:

Went back to FOC to visit mah boys & crystal :) Was so good to see everybody else in CAPT though! <3 <3 Carol, Bao, Abi, Ernest, Edwin, Mike, Kaiying, Xiaodong, Suankai, Brandon, Chings and all the black Y2s!! 

Was a super freeload senior though- ate and hung out and kinda became a burden D: Left my toiletries bag at home and didn’t have my contact lens box and solution. Joseph ze busy councillor borrowed solution for me though (trying not to pun here) wah I paiseh but thanks :))) Also thank you for your matric card lol I’m so sorry I forgot to bring it back:/

Hung out with Linghong too :)  Hugs <3 Heehee L6 nua-ing ahahha. Missing your cushions and blankets. 

Then hung out with Ken Elvis Crys CC!! We ate popcorn like old times wahahaha. Threw rafia string at CC. Played with rafia string w my fellow troller Elvis. HAHA. Talked till dawn, by then J C CC all sleep liao haha. Minds still functioning at 5-6am, not bad right?! :) So glad to catch Elvis before he flies for exchange in August :)

Morning!!! Went for bfast with CC & Elvis- then we sent some tehping over! Then I had a campus tour (thanks Jen!!)! HAHA was much fun and I’m super super thankful that Ken came along. Saved my ass with the chinese, troubleshooting and planning the route. Haha was great to have someone to plan stuff and facilitate the rather huge crowd. Wouldn’t have thought of OSA etc haha :) THANKS I OWE YOU :P And the kids were damn cute wth. Okay they’re not really kids kids but still, very young, friendly and basically a very sweet bunch. :’) 攀岩墙 bitches. HAHA :)

FOC BBQ~ Black seniors came back! Good to see everyone too :) Was mega tired again, but the sparklers were beautiful :) And yay to marshmallows :))) Didn’t take much photos in the end cuz it was really really dark ._.” Didn’t eat much either, not sure if feeling down from interview or shagness. 





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