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my favorite part of the whole movie. He’s not saying that she’s cute, attractive, or anything else you would usually expect, but saying you look good. you look right. you look like you are where you belong; piloting a badass mecha and kicking kaiju ass. 

and that was everything 

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Relistening to Fancy and I realised that I like Charli XCX, not Iggy. LOL!!

Was so excited when Charli’s Boom Clap played during Fault in Our Stars!! Never heard the song before but her voice is distinct enough.  So awesome to identify singers from just their voices. Satisfaction max. Keke.

/edit: Hmmmmmmm not very impressed by their live perfs though

/edit2: Charli reminds me a of a younger/pop version Lorde. (like Lorde isn’t already young enough)


Silvia by Hajin Bae


Silvia by Hajin Bae


backside smith grind on records.


backside smith grind on records.


got no time for feelin’ sorry

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Alrighty let’s see. Woke up this morning feeling extremely drained, achey and pangseh-ed, and hence very cranky. Spent the morning making my LinkedIn Account!  Decided to go for a fun angle since I’m not aiming to work for a straight-laced company anyway. 

Finished another book, called Likeonomics. Makes a good point about the human likeability factor and relationships in today’s world. 

The rest of this post shall be devoted to softball reflections, haha.

Well… so yesterday I was feeling up for it so I ran extra two rounds around the field, before actual training started. So I did a total of four! Hahah! Big leap from a few weeks ago where I was panting and mostly dying. Shall keep it up and gun for better speed and stamina though. HWAITING!

Then throwing, new complex pattern throwing drill by coach- haha I realised it takes some time for me to absorb information. Or at least things that require muscle memory and some kinda planning/coordination. We had enough to play a slow pitch game so we did! Haha was fun! Was put into third base though ohmy. Kinda suicidal since my usual position is outfield and right. The sudden role reversal of being left and infield made me unable to function haha. Mental breakdown. All this nonsense about ‘being flexible’ and ‘adapt to new environments quickly’. Ah naw, I’m not the best candidate. It is true- those who know flexibility - also know everything. Ie. you can only work around the rules when you actually know the rules.

Made stupid errors and sometimes yes didn’t give it my all because there were people covering my ass. Got scolded kinda but the worst thing in team sports is the guilt that you didn’t do enough. Morale was really down. Errors can really kill people mentally and beat the entire team down.  But yeah all through it I was like ’ don’t give the hell up”. So yep. Softball really challenges me to step up and grow. I need to learn my shit and stay calm.

Trainings end really late nowadays. Got a lift back home though yay! Thanks to Josh and some self-inviting nonsense.  I really need to start remembering the names of the guys team and not be such a bitch :/ Sorry new team mates your original destination became displaced haha!! 

End of softball post.

Other thoughts after reading the book, and other observations along the way:

  • I have really thoughtful and kind friends. I haven’t even found my bearings and already he gives a suggestion on how I can go home. *_* Thank you my brain was not functioning. 
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Try not to hurt people if you can help it…
  • And always ask how you can help! Help if you can help it!
  • Impatience is my flaw and strength. /shrugs I am unapologetic.
  • Say no. Your energy is limited. Make full use of it.
  • Toxic people: drop ‘em like they’re hot

"now you have a flower shop"


"now you have a flower shop"

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Starting on my third Coursera quiz today: Social Psychology. Am pretty excited because I never got to do this in NUS haha. I completed 3 weeks of my drugs course so far, didn’t start on the business one with Futurelearn because I couldn’t cope (and honestly also because I’m a Coursera bitch). 

So far this lecturer is very much like Charles Carroll- bald, but super passionate about his subject and interested to engage you in the course material. Also includes like videos of the notorious Stanford Prison experiment which I have always read about but never got to watch. AIEEE I miss school days already :) I am part nerd part geek (geekerd, lol). But truth be told I think most nerds nowadays aren’t very socially inept. Especially when they have forces like social media and multiple blogging tools backing them up.

Spent the morning working on my resume and portfolio. YOSH! Big thanks to Yilin for your help :) 

Aight Imma scoot, have a fab week yall <3



»when the sun goes down« by anatol knotek

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My reaction: when I see it has my favorite food at home.

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the old sound reminds me a lot of The Kooks.

Ooh I found a live. I love the bass on this.

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one of the greatest pixar moments; a family thats ok with you coming 2nd 

they were hiding their identities as superheros not making a statement

this scene cracked me up

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