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Jade Ehlers Photoshoot 2014

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Spring Temari Sushi…RECIPE

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The fact that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen are best friends in real life makes me so happy


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"Dude, you just ran like 13 miles in 30 minutes."

EVERYBODY SERIOUSLY: if you don’t walk out of this movie theatre planning like a June wedding between yourself and Sam Wilson then I’m really not sure if you were awake for the whole movie.

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in another lifetime, maybe.


in another lifetime, maybe.

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I don’t think he knows about second breakfast, Pip.

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Peter Parker is “K”….in…..The Metamorphosis!


Peter Parker is “K”….in…..The Metamorphosis!

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"are you okay…?"

Honestly, no.

It’s like Sunday morning 1 a.m. I am still sick. I am majorly fed up that I am still sick. My stomach still churns and it makes it hard to sleep. I am hella frustrated and uncomfortable.

Rewind to Tuesday night where I finally got my ass out of CAPT to catch a movie with Cha. We caught Captain America and before that I even managed to play basketball and go shopping with Jess. Ordered the seafood pizza deluxe at Pizza Hut - initially wanted the curry chicken but because I am cheapskate this is what I get. (Both same price, but in my mind seafood is more ‘worth’)

On the bus back to CAPT- 11plus ish started feeling nauseous. Not cool. Went to hang out in 16, even did my german homework. I think I was gonna go bather or something and I just like started hurling all the pizza out. Then the diarrhoea followed. Throughout the whole night this just kept repeating. Smart me started to tie my hair up so that I didn’t have to keep washing it every time I puked. And I prefer puking in my plastic bag cuz well I don’t like facing the same bowl and sometimes it’s just now physically possible.

4am. Managed to get some sleep. Woke up with a start to puke and go to the toilet again. Why is the toilet so far.

Send sos messages to my dad and mum. 

Morning. Feel awful. Start to puke everything I consume, including water. Start to feel dehydrated. Didn’t want to move. Didn’t want to go anywhere. Then my mum’s like if you want this to end faster go to the doctor now. 


So off I went- cui as fuq. Patient 001. Doctor asks me questions, checks my tongue, “You no need MC right?” and before I can even answer she rattles on to something else. Well.. thanks?

Luckily I brought my plastic bag out. Puked bile out while walking back to CAPT. Life is sad.

Tried to eat.  1/8 of toast. Probably puked it up. Decide to skip all classes. Ohwell

Don’t remember what happened… probably sleeping , waking, and puking. Every toilet visit was a diarrhoea run. 

Am exhausted- no water really makes me depressed and kranky. Run out of plastic bags. Send more SOS messages. Help arrives. Nice to see people.

More ‘sleep’ and puking. Joseph and Ken came to visit. Haha they tried to play my violin and it made me laugh. Thanks for visiting guys. Tried to eat this chinese powder thing Ken has but after they left I puked it up again ahwell. Joseph came by with 100 plus. Which I still puke up but at least it tastes nice. And also thanks x1000 to CC, Lou, Cha, Lingz, Janana and everyone who offered their help. Appreciates much. Was so weak :(((

More sos calls and FINALLY my dad replies. Only gonna get picked up at 7pm… ohman that seems like FOREVER! Meanwhile I don’t even know if a single drop of water is in my system and much less FOOD.

For a person who really loves food, this is sad. And I also love pizza. More sad.

Get used to puking. Actually am okay with it when it’s just down to liquids. Esp 100 plus. Cry every time I puke. Tear reflexes. Feel ultra pathetic the entire day.

Wednesday night. Dad picks me up. Yay. Passenger seat= his friend. Gotta send him home first. Oh well. Sleep.

Go home. Barely manage to haul myself up. Lie on bed just making heaving noises my grandfather used to make. Now I get it.

Bathe. Hurriedly. I don’t even have energy for this. Dad cooks porridge. First spoonful was bliss. Haven’t ate anything for the whole day. I think it stayed down. But before that I just drank a whole can of 100 plus and enjoyed burping and the fizz. I mean I know it’s gonna come up but oh well I just need to drink something. Eventually puked that up so okay.

Fitful sleep. Bed sores from ? hard bed in CAPT? Or maybe all my muscles were screaming.

Thursday: Chris texts me: haha dont tell me you’re ponning class. Haha. I am amused. Take care texts & tweets from all around. Thank you all. Boon updates about school. Am kinda thankful cuz I’m so not a meticulous person.

Don’t remember what happened.


Wake early like 7ish. Eat something, sleep. Appetite improves. Find out that I lost 4kg. Scares.

Dread going back to school just for German Oral, but bobian. If I don’t go my partner fails too. And I can’t afford to fail a module- need to get C+ so I can actually graduate my ass out of NUS. Somewhere in the morning the boys whatsapped me a pic of them and a basketball hahaha. Guyzzzz. But thanks smiling faces help :) Stella whatsapps me post-its Sarah drew for me too.

^ not sure evil or nice. LOL

Afternoon- go back to room and analyse damage. Need to wash my laundry and clean up my room. No energy for that now. Pack up my shit and leave for Arts. Fuq  the walk out was so long and tiring I kid you not. That simple walk to the u-town bus stop nearly killed me.

Meet Jasper at the bus stop. Tells me funny stories about his own food poisoning. Am amused haha. Walks me to the lift cause apparently I looked like I was gonna faint. Haha. Thanks :)

Meet my partner Periya and we start to practise. Didn’t last long. Go to toilet many times. Cannot keep head off table. Tired. But somehow we made it through lol we were so calm. Periya got asked questions I quizzed her ron so yay for that. Did okay for a sick shit. Teacher said I looked bored/nua and I couldn’t even be bothered to defend myself like Ich bin krank cuz I just wanted to go home.

Go home. yay. 

Have to to skip YWV Sesh 3. Oh well. Thanks guys for holding up the fort. Wish I could be there.

Friday night. Mum arrives in SG. Yay

Saturday morning. Rain. Think I am getting better.Spend morning studying for test on Monday. Get through 2.5 lectures. 1.5 more to go.

Eat something other than porridge for a change. My dad decides that I could go for a level up.

Finally take a legit shit. I thought my diarrhoea days were over.

Drink chicken soup. Immediate relapse. Fuq.

Now- puked up more porridge jesus christ. And I’m so tired of puking I’m just trying to keep it down. Stomach is churning and all wejfnlfhjenrf

Was bathing and felt all my bones and shit start to jut out a little and feel so fragile and weak and pathetic. Was trying to move something and suddenly it was so heavy. Yes what the hell is happening to me.

Okay mostly my angst blogpost ends here. Didn’t want to draft it up to be so angsty but I guess things just came out that way.

But I’m not an ungrateful bitch okay. I get it.

"Maybe you get bad luck so you can avoid the worse luck". Yep. Perhaps so,

  • thankful for my bed. how do I sleep in my CAPT bed?
  • thanks to my dad who has been cooking me porridge. wtf do I eat when I go back to CAPT?
  • thank you 100 plus
  • thanks to all my friends who have been messaging me
  • though haha it kinds of dies down I understand -I THOUGHT THIS WAS GONNA END TOO. BUT NOT. IT’S NOT AS CONVENIENT AS THOUGHT.
  • thanks for the closer toilet at home. 
  • thanks for understanding groupmates

throughout this whole thing I learnt more empathy for sick people. and can you imagine…. no let’s no go there. 

And what am I now but a shadow but my old self.

As an artist I guess it’s normal to experience pain and struggle. I guess it makes our writing sharper. 

Not very eloquent now but yeah.

Seeyou in a bit. Toilet calls.


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Just received my CAPT Open Mic performance videos from Bryan.. auughh cringe watching myself on video zomg. Damn I definitely need to work so much harder for everything- singing, stage presence, etc.

Meanwhile, it has been a very interesting journey as a performer so far.

I’m grateful, and thankful for all the support!

I know I still have a really long way to go but that’s what makes the ride fun ain’t it.

Love xx


Today I found out that Dr Tan is an ENFP, just like me! And got to know from Carol like how he works as well. Yep. Hope to get things going soon!

Am feeling this insane restlessness. It is now Week 11 and I’m starting to be BORED.

I played a lot of music today, including the violin, piano, and cajon, and even drums for a little bit… did school work, and bummed around with friends all over CAPT. Even went to many many floors to help Ernest with his campaign for IVP. I also read my book. Am I like.. missing something here?

I’m not sure why I’m so restless and energetic. I don’t think I’m craving for human company or like activities to do- just a little thrown off balance and feeling super super restless. Need to go throw myself in some cause soon hmm. Without anchors I’m too much of a free-wheeling spirit.



Norway has just emerged as a challenger for Japan’s title as Masters of Awesome Cuteness. These photos were taken on the set of “Piip-Show”, a live reality tv show following the lives of a cast comprised of wild birds and the occasional squirrel. Conceived by Norwegian freelance photographer Magne Klann, the show takes place on a set which is an outdoor bird feeder modeled after Java, a well-known coffee shop in Oslo, Norway.

“Different personalities meet inside the bar. Among others a short tempered nuthatch, a blue tit with the memory of a gold fish, a happy-go-lucky great tit, and a depressed bullfinch. Like in any other bar there is bickering, petty theft, fighting and attempts at romance”.

We can’t help but try to pair these animals with various cast members from Seinfeld.

Billed as the very first reality show for birds, the “Piip-Show" is a three-month-long project that’s being broadcast live on the Norwegian broadcasting network NRK.

Click here to watch the “Piip-Show” online

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