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Juchheim Cookies

A gift from my mother’s friend!!
OMG my face was in glee while unwrapping this!!! My sister and I chomped through the DELICIOUS cookies!! (I was holding back though cos I was reading the katakana on the cookie ‘legend’ sheet. XD)

Anyway the funniest thing about this is- remember I went to Takashimaya with Chanel a long time ago? And was snapping photos of loads of food? (Mid Autumn time) WELLLLL I took photos of Juchheim’s shop too! They specialise in the Baumkuchen cake- also known as the ‘tree cake’ and popular German pastry. (Yes I’m very knowledgeable in cake affairs thank you very much)

Well I snapped some pics of their cookie collection too! HAHA it’s the third picture here- AND YAY! I finally get to taste some <3 

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