three times tingles


…out a quick blogpost!

This week has been packed with gatherings for CNY! It was great meeting people though of course the work that piled up in the meantime was kind of a shock when confronted finally.

Had good food and great company :)

Also got to visit the zoo :) Heheh I have new favourite animals :) Was toying with the idea of working there again but haaha I shall not because I am afraid that I would hate the zoo or something. Or since Sg’s zoo is in the top ten of the world’s best zoos, what if I go to another zoo in another country and hate their practices? Huh? Then I’d be super super upset. But like the postal service, I would love to see how the zoo is run! Cannot wait for the Marine Life Park to open later on this year :)

Also, walking without aim, arm in arm, hand in hand with the favourite people in the night is <3 Or eating elbow to elbow in the ramen shop. Hahhahaha forever shouting to each other cos we can’t hear shit with all the din.

Kk shall finish up this reading and go to bed! Early morning tomorrow