three times tingles


Have been really busy trying to clear work- both school and freelancing that piled up during CNY when I naively thought I could take it easy and have a break. What a joke.

Anyways, just a quickie? Group projects have begun, and tutorials have been lively. Lectures and modules on a whole this semester are much more enjoyable, and despite early mornings (that I’m getting used to), everything is fine.

University isn’t what I thought it would be, but there are still many hidden gems, if only I had the courage or took the time and effort to find them. I’m sure I’m not the only poor soul out there. Cannot wait for the May holidays where I can finally get started on a couple of things.

One major thing this, and maybe last year- just cause I can scrape time out, and just cause I want to do things doesn’t mean other people are willing to scrape time out too. Things are just on prioritised differently for all of us. What is important to me ain’t important to you. This makes me very sad because I really want to accomplish some things, wanna do some stuff, but sometimes even if I give a loud call nobody fking responds and I’m just like, am I really stuck in this place where there is no one like me? Or have I been looking in the wrong places all this while? This is pretty depressing cause as much as I love people sometimes it’s lonely that there’s no one more alike to do crazy shit with me :’(

Also I just turned nineteen but soon I will be twenty and what would I have accomplished then? 

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