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I never knew much

about war bonnets.

War bonnets are the feathered head dress of Native Americans..

So sweethomestyle posted about mycultureisnotatrend, and how people wearing war bonnets as costumes are very culturally inappropriate. Did some googling and found out that these headdresses are very sacred and holds significant cultural values. 

Tried to think about how I would feel and I remembered how I was really annoyed when I spied a random stranger near our school wearing our class t-shirt. Like heck where did you even get that from? Obviously this is a small and trivial case- but I thought that what if everyone started to wear things we hold sacred? Like if common chinese people in the past wore the emperor’s robe or etc or just the colour yellow? No, worse, non-chinese wearing the emperor’s style of clothes WHILE monarchy was still being practiced. Imagine the outrage and disgust. Like whothefk are you how do you even DARE to pretend to be my king? (Also: sadly FOC is in imprinted in my head but: “how dare these lowly clerks from Britain dare to bury themselves next to the royal or respected people of the local community?”  Just cause you’re a foreigner doesn’t mean you can do such disrespect. It’s akin to a common person like us forcing people to dig up burial plots beside old kings and queens and burying ourselves next to them. Dafuq? Hierachy exists for a reason and who says you can transcend other people’s hierachies? It’s one thing for them to be overthrown but another when the “outsider” intrudes.)

From wikipedia these war bonnets are still being used in rites, and I can see why the irritation exists. Not sure about the history, but american civil war and history has been something I’ve always wanted to learn about. I was happy in JC when we finally got to learn about more international affairs like the cold war- for many, many years we never left the domain of WW2. Touched on WW1 in university, more to come perhaps?

But it’s difficult to stop such things. Nowadays tourists pay money to dress in emperor robes or korean traditional dress and snap photos in the forbidden city, and yeah all the halloween costumes and such. How about the people who cut up kimonos and wear them in vulgar manners? Is that not offensive?

Everything is offensive nowadays, that’s what I think. Is there even a truly universal point where humans ALL agree on? I doubt so.

Love? look at all the jadedness. Happiness? Some people thrive in sadness or are stuck in it. So basically my point is there are always gonna be something that offends you- in the fashion world maybe crocs piss you off to no end, wearing flipflops in formal situations etc… there are rules in every world but our world is a combination of all, and as everything overlaps no doubt tension will exist. So the main point is how you respond and manage these tensions.

I agree that awareness would be the first step, as of most actions done. But how to present it in a tasteful an tactful manner? Tricky, tricky.

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