three times tingles

why you so like that

Hurray for recess week!
not much of a break but at least I can get more sleep :)

Had gongcha at Paya Lebar today, found a cheaper route home, gave an old woman in a bright green dress $1 o_o (cos she asked me for it to take a bus o_o), shot hoops with the MBAs amidst plenty of guys at the court, rain through the roof, a spot of red LOL, passing skills level upz due to crazy amount of people on court lolol. Kind of intimidating actually sharing court with outside guys (meaning not dhs guys) with varying ages but lol I think it’s good experience so you don’t get stressed on court. LOL. Some guy attempted slam dunks! Haha I really wanna see a good one some day :) Will be major 帅!

Yay I missed you guys :3
Chionged home for a quick shower and dinner!!! Hurray also haven’t had rice nor a proper meal for AGESSSSS yay yay

Kay gonna do some work before sleeping and training tomorrow!~

Bon weekend~! <3