three times tingles

Air Show 2012 :) 

Thanks yt & wj for the tix~!

Had Macs breakfast @ the airport with qy and yt, went through crazy waiting and long queues- and woah the airshow!!! Cool stuff!! :) Very seh lor love the glider/acrobatic one!!! Like wow only. Precision stuff also very cooooool :D

Was tempted by the little $25 lion plush sporting a cool bomber jacket, air goggles and badges!! Aiya should have snapped a pic of it.
Also saw Teo Chee Hean from far and Goh Chok Tong @ some ST Engineering booth. Got stepped on 3 or more times >:( Rarrhhh. Waiting times to get into the cockpits= 2h!! Flight simulator= 3h!! Everybody lepaking at inside the aircon exhibition hall, super buay paiseh one. Ice cream selling at $5, drinks at $2 onwards. 

Went to Popeye’s to have late lunch, was super full after that! (Not to mention exhausted)

Overall fun day~~ :)

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