three times tingles


KK is damn dope I cannot. (The girl in yellow.) Love the explosive actions (the snapsnap thing & the run <—- lol lack of dance vocab)

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all roads lead to

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dat face

dat face

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m e g a

with great happiness, great love, great responsibility,

comes great disappointment, great fear and great insecurity

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two bus stops lol

two bus stops lol

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Ripples of Zen

Ripples of Zen

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latest material whims

  • digital camera with viewfinder
  • NB sneakers
  • travelling backpack

HAHA- nice to daydream about ^^

Also I ordered HONY and HONY Little Humans cuz I figured nobody will ever buy them for me anyways. So! A gift to myself :) Freaking love the photos and the stories. If you don’t know what HONY is,it is the ‘Humans Of New York’. CLICK CLICK! Totally brightens my days and GMH. 

Love xx

p.s. Also I just joined Dayre because some of my friends use it- it’s a way for me to connect with them (aka, STALK) haha. But seriously. Miss you guys so if it takes just downloading another app to stay in touch, I’ll stay in touch. Till the end of alllllll time *insert creepy face* HAHA

Ok but seriously ahha maybe I suffocate my friends by being everywhere online #notevensureanymore

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cafe thoughts

Also yeah you should read shit like this to keep it real.

Well number one problem: TH doesn’t cook very well. But TH is willing to learn. And I’ll need a tight team of at least 7. Maybe 10-15 people to run the huge house, and if I scale down, at least 8 to help me run the small, watered down version :)

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airbnb part 2

Also it’s hella interesting just browsing the site and looking at the insides of people’s homes. 


airbnb & dreams

Today I finally had some spare time on my hands, so I started looking for accommodation for my upcoming trip to Tokyo next year. I used expedia, agoda,… and many other sites, trying to find that elusive hostel/hotel that was nice, clean, affordable and in a convenient location. After lots of calculation and clicking, wenxin advised me to go try airbnb. At first I was didn’t entertain the idea because I didn’t know if I wanted to stay in someone else’s house… but then I just went look up the site anyways. The pictures were inviting, the copy was good at invoking wanderlust, and the prices were competitive! Wow! MSG ME FOR AN INVITE: we both get travel credits :P

Found a place just right for me- cosy, convenient and simple.  I promptly made a request. Not really book it per se- the hosts get to decide if they want to accept you or not. Because airbnb works on ‘trust’.

So anyway my host just replied and YAY I haz a place to stay! She has good reviews and also I think I might be craving human conversation in my first solo travel trip as well. So yay that :)

airbnb is cool because it gives people a chance to… run a mini hotel! In your own house. I think that’s a cool idea. Riding on the Makers’ Film, its amazing what the Internet can give us- the tool to really connect and liberate the marketplace. So many barriers are down- you can literally do anything if you just put your mind to it. You can build a rocket, your can send cameras into space, you can build shit you never thought you could. You can message people from all over the world, call them for free, and even get a chance to stay in their houses now! How amazing is that? :)

So anyway I drew up my plans of a cafe/lib/lounge today and added a second storey of an airbnb. I guess I kind of need a bungalow now but my dad says I can’t operate f&b/business in residential areas. Boo. Where do you find space to have a garden and all then? :P I like how Cafe Melba is now- front lawn is exactly what Imma use to grow beautiful flowers. 

Before you be snarky or laugh at my plans, well let’s see who’s happy in the end ;) I know everybody wants to own a cafe and all- but why? It’s because we want to have a business to call our own. A service, a place for people to be social and enjoy themselves. A satisfying life with a more relaxed pace, and more meaningful actions and conversations in this cafe workplace. More on that. Will want to read more about how SG cafe owners start up and how they feel. One thing is clear though- this shit is not easy.

Moving on…


Was telling Wenx and Jess how travelling seems to be a little overrated nowadays.. sometimes people kind of travel just for the sake of travelling/photos etc. I don’t know if I feel like this because everyone is doing it, and the ‘adventurer’ spirit is somewhat diluted (which may also mean that I imply myself to be a ‘true-r’ traveller). Sometimes I feel like that when people go to concerts too. A little like, ’ been there done that~’. But of course I don’t want to judge anyone for simply pursing what they want to enjoy. 

Just thoughts to remind myself that I gotta be humble and stay rooted. Just because I may choose to be more impulsive does not mean I am better than anyone. It’s just that the YOLO spirit is the haute thing now and that’s why seemingly irresponsible, unplanned, spontaneous actions are glorified and celebrated instead of being looked down upon.

SO ANW I wrote down a list of countries to visit and I hope to make them all come true :) 


  • Australia
  • NZ
  • Mongolia
  • Borneo, Msia
  • Kota Kinabalu, Msia. 
  • Anywhere in Msia really. Haha.


  • France
  • Germany
  • NY
  • USA- Niagara Falls, Great Canyon
  • Easter Island
  • Greece, Athens
  • Rome
  • Italy
  • EUROPE basically
  • Egypt
  • Russia
  • Philippines
  • Norway, Finland, Sweden etc.

WHY I want to travel:

Here is my essay application:

I want to see the world. I recognise that there is beauty in my own country, both in its people and landscape, but the world is so big and there is so much more to explore! Gigantic, majestic waterfalls await, rolling mountains and sprawling deserts- fields of flowers, snow & ice. There’s so much variation and beauty everywhere. And that means I can be a global citizen? I want to explore the world and experience sights for myself. 

And because it is so much possible now than ever before. 20-30 years ago, you could only join fixed tours, stay in hotels perhaps. That’s what my parents and grandparents did. Now? The world is alive, full of possibilities. I can book shit online, fast, peer reviewed, and for cheap! Budget travel have made things so much more accessible for the common man. I don’t have to save thousands and thousands just in order to book a flight out. I can just wait for a discount!  Sure, I might not get to sleep in a 5 star hotel, but we make do ;) I can’t wait.

Don’t think there’s much that can beat this. Other than awesome company and meeting cool people everywhere. For those of you who do not like travelling, or want to travel but have your own set of obligations, I don’t blame you, nor am I going to suan/goad you. Instead, I am inviting you  to join me in my journeys-on my blog!  I will probably share all my thoughts and experiences here. You can live vicariously through me if you like.

love xx

And not to double standard myself, I am also exploring my little country too :) Do feel free to jio me to visit places that we usually don’t go, I am ONZZZ.

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Did you have these in the ceiling too? #9gag

I had so many *_* They were my favourite things. Sprite, my first fish buddy, loved them too!


Did you have these in the ceiling too? #9gag

I had so many *_* They were my favourite things. Sprite, my first fish buddy, loved them too!



it’s one of those days that you wake up at 3am, feel deeply inspired at 7am and will probably crash the hell out at 8pm. Rinse, lather, repeat.


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