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Okay, time for the extrovert to think out loud. Today, I’m going to be dealing with a topic I hardly think about. I am a person who likes doing things on the fly. At the other end of the spectrum, if I plan things, I go into excruciating detail. Kind of an all or nothing person.

So here we go!

Today’s topic is Money & The Future.

What sparked this off: Looking at my bank account & the talking of insurance plans with WH.

Questions he raised were: Did I have a financial goal for myself, such as owning a house by a certain age? Or a certain amount etc. I sheepishly answered no to all his questions- pretty much dodged all the bullets, including the one about my job. Muh.

I guess it’s time to ask myself what I want to do. I am almost 22. Like many I would like to own my house and children. Kind of gave up on the car thing though I would want to ferry my child to school. Expensive but I hope to cope!! 

Frills, I can do without. Travel, I don’t really want to. Social life- it’s the food that is costing haha but I don’t want to give up on good food. Clothes, I don’t really shop cause I’m lazy.

The “zen and new me” exercise will begin! Aiming for a room detox for the 3rd time of the year. Can live with less things. Embargo on all money spinning things. Saveeee for mah future child and house. And pay off travel debts :O Also want to support my sister and family, and have some extra cash on the side to learn something new in a class. Like maybe art or another language class.

Money makes the world go round no? But I guess every day is a choice. I’m going to be active in my choices and not let life just consume me the way it wants. Like I want to go down I want to die gloriously hahaha. Better die trying than do nothing at all! <— sounds like words of a fool, no? Going to try smarter strategies instead of headstrong decisions. It helps to be informed when we’re making decision that will majorly impact my life. Wonder if 30 year old me will love or hate me for the things I do now.


I have not exercised much- from minimum once a week- max 5xweek/ to a measly, pathetic once/month thing. It’s terrible. Hate it. Going to do something about it. :D

Trim trim trim. Trim all the edges in life that bogs me down- they say we can’t have it all but I can die trying. So.. shall stop spending money like water just for 15 minutes of pleasure. And maybe not junk my body too much?? (Macdonalds and chips too many times in recent weeks.)

WE CAN DO THIS! thou shalt not be defeated so easily


love is when you casually mention something and the next day you find it in the fridge <3

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strange things



Here is a white swan Yi’an and I spotted on our Botanic Gardens walk today!! It occurred to me that swan necks are incredibly… weird. Spent quite a few moments observing it extending, turning, twisting and using its neck to groom itself. Like an elephant’s trunk. Like a hairbrush. LOL

Just thought you might want to know.

Also: didja know the first pair of swans for the BG Swan Lake were imported from all the way from amsterdam? 

[damn lol so hard to get swans eh in SG!!!] nuuu baby cygnets!!]

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"we never really die"

Caught up with my movie buddy Cha today- we finally caught Lucy! 

Had like zero expectations for it- from the trailer I thought I was gonna watch some sexy action flick. Was such a pleasant surprise when I left the theatre feeling very intrigued by this whole concept of unlocking the human mind.

spoilers all over the place so leave while you still can. Haha.

(I’m assuming some stuff the movie says is true. Have not researched or anything but lets just go hypothetical for now.)

If humans only unlock 10% of the brain, and dolphins unlock 20%- why are we unable to unlock it?

Is it because of 

1. time- humans will need maybe another 5000 years to unlock/grow/develop the next 5% 

2. reasons. if humans know the potential of their true power, the world will truly be in chaos? Ok but then this would mean somebody is deliberately locking our brains up.

Haha. In the end maybe we’re just Sims running through the levels, unlocking ‘levels’ when we finish certain stages hahaha.

So anyway I just wanted to say I enjoyed the movie- it was thought provoking. Left me with more thirst for life. I think feeling awed and active, wanting to connect to the world after watching a movie is one of the best stuff. 

Also: I did the #20facts thing and tagged a whole bunch of people and I’m really glad cause I love knowing more about my friends. Some of them don’t blog like me, and I don’t get to see some sides of them. Plus since we hardly meet/have common interest/locations now, it’s sometimes hard to get to know them better. I’m glad for all this sharing :) 

love xx


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还需要多久多长多伤 你有会听见他没说的话

Lyrics from a beautiful sad song, but unfortunately the pretty version by a contestant in china’s equivalent of The Voice was taken off YouTube :( Really hate copyright sometimes. Taking it off just makes everybody sad :’(

It’s Tuesday. Time to sit down,take a break and regroup. Trying to cope with my energy levels, emotional levels, and things.

How are things at work?
Things are moving, challenging and is mostly what I can term as rather fun. I am about two months into my work. Still trying to improve on my own work but sometimes I marvel at how I like my jobscope… if I were a copywriter writing for a sole company I might be bored to death. But since my company deals with a lot of products, services and businesses, I get to learn a lot and write about a lot of things. My colleagues are great company too and I have a great mentor. So I feel thankful.

Have been feeling on and off. 

Met Weihong today to talk about insurance. My mum wants to put us on plans haha. In about an hour Weihong patiently explains things and I learnt a lot of the basic things! Thanks for taking the time to explain stuff to me.

Have also thought about some other stuff - am reading this rather zen Japanese book called wabi sabi. It’s very straightforward and unlike any ‘zen’ book I have read so far. It doesn’t try to push you through exercises and stuff like that. It just is. It teaches you to ‘be’. 

I don’t know if I’m just too simple-minded, too comfortable in my financial zone or just too fking content with what I have? I’m not sure if I truly don’t care or it’s because I have enough so I don’t care. Money to me… I don’t plan very far nor set very high goals. Not sure if good or not. But my rough sketch about life involves a family life with children. And with that warning dream of me not being able to give the best to my children and feeling upset- I think we can see where this might go in the future. 

Was randomly chatting with Stella and she suggested that we Skype! Haha. Went to download the app and was glad to see my CAPT friends in the dining hall. I tell them I miss them all the time, but I doubt they understand how much I miss them. Most of my friends are still schooling, with only a handful in the workforce. I literally mean I can count the number of friends working now on both hands. Yeah. What they term as the lifestage gap is real- we may find advice from old people naggy and stuff but … fuq sia when you’re really there, it’s all real. 

And the worst thing is probably when you reach that stage, you’ll find that you’re stuck there and you can never go back to the old times. Sure, you can enrol yourself to get a masters degree or hang out with the same group of friends but to be honest everything is going to change.

Keeping in touch is harder than I thought. When I was in school, everyone was facing about the same circumstances and I can talk to them because everyone has 24h to deal with schoolwork. Now that my schedule is different I don’t really want to impose on anybody. Like……. I want to see you guys and hang out but … in short I don’t want to be a burden.

Had some kinda heated argument with Linghong about this type of closing up before. It’s like.. precisely because I love you so I don’t want to tell you how awful I’m feeling, or how shit I feel, because it would affect you. I want you to be happy, so I’m not gonna tell you shit. Not like you can solve my pain you know what I mean? That’s my stand anyways.

Where these thoughts are going is to cut off ties or just start distancing yourself or something. It’s kind of sad and stuff but I’m not very good with this. Like depending on people. Maybe it’s a type of insecurity, or reflex or my defense mechanism. Not sure. But it’s definitely something I do. Putting people at a distance. They might not know it but hmm. Or maybe they do. Just that nobody tells me? Haha.

Well, I tried a new approach to something today and it kind of worked. So I’m happy with that. Props I guess to having a bigger heart.

Meanwhile my guard is hella up I’m sorry but it’s my defense mechanism. It’s the rotten, dark part of me acting up. It’s the part saying, don’t come close to me.

Well that’s enough reflecting for today don’t you think?

Love xx

got Skyped haha and I feel 10 000x better :)

time to sleep :)


Why don’t you give me some YUZU LOVIN’

A post to share my favourite YUZU foods you can find in SG :)

Yuzu is some kinda Japanese orange I think. Lots of vitamins, health benefits, but I love the fresh and sweet taste :)

1.  Yuzu Beer from Babette


Tried this craft beer with Melvin damn it lol I love it. Obviously can’t finish one cup on my own so Imma drag someone else to share this with me. I miss this already yummy yummy :) 

2. Yuzu Candy from MUJI ($1.90)


Kupped some to try from Sandra and damn it haha it is DELICIOUS~~~ Yummy!! Forgot to kup one bag home nuuuu~~~ Thanks for the recc & this picture!!

3. Yuzu Sweets from Sweet Enchantment


Bought  and took a pic of this jar years ago when I got to sample it at Parkway or something. Ah~~~


(This list will be updated. I am sure I ate yuzu ice cream somewhere but I can’t remember T_T)

p.s. I don’t like Peel Fresh’s Yuzu drink. Don’t recc me that hahaha thanks :)

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When you’re the first person at the lunch table and you have to wait for your squad. #9gag

lol what happens @ the dining hall


When you’re the first person at the lunch table and you have to wait for your squad. #9gag

lol what happens @ the dining hall

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