three times tingles

I love this song. Love the music construction ahha. Props to the drums & guitar. 

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what’s the point

of working and earning money if you can’t spend it on people you love? :D

Spent quite a bit on books & stuff for my beloved nephew & niece today! Also welcoming to the world today, LEONI <3


DOB: 15 SEPTEMBER 2014 A big round of applause please!!!

So cute omg. 

Finally celebrated rae’s birthday with a retarded durian groupon cake. 

"Happy Birthday 猫儿“


(Orchids bought like TWO WEEKS AGO FROM THE MARKET FOR MY MUM these are unreal hahaha)

Sent Sarah & Bryan off to the UK!



Sarah, if you’re reading this, hope you have settled down well! And heheh, your adventures have just began. Take heart, have fun and you will be missed!! :)


Was good meeting some of the hulkies, nothing changes lol. Byran’s parents were so funny! Hahaha. Thanks Dayan for the ride home!! There was a brown garden snake at my gate. LOL. Scare me sia I almost stepped on it. It looked like a gigantic worm. Very trippy, very twitchy. Went back home and reported sighting of snake and my mum wanted to lock the windows. LOL then my sister is like, snakes go up toilet bowls and pipes. Hahaha. Awful children no?

listening to: Jhene Aiko x The Weeknd x Frank Ocean, Runaway (JAYBeatz)


Watched Maze Runner w San & Quek. Hahah awful cinema D: Huge but no slope and I got blocked by some guy in front of me ;_; I miss cathay already hahaha.

Steamboat + Coffee = 5am still cannot sleep. But thought up of new things hahaha will put them into place gradually. 

Also videoed and launched my new song, Just Another Girl. Music is kinda amazing really. Before I put my stuff on Youtube and Facebook, I usually just sent friends my sound clips through whatsapp and later, soundcloud. Hahahaha. Facebook is amazing cause it is connecting me with a lot of people! People I haven’t seen or talked to for a long time ago start conversations or simply support me through their likes and shares. It means a lot to me haha and it’s really fun to connect :)

Pretty crazy too because I changed my profile pic to one of the pics from the photoshoot with Leesimin. See? toldja guys that she’s a great photographer :) Plus sometimes when you’re comfortable with somebody it might be easier to take ‘true-r’ photos. Like you really don’t need to let your guard up or be self-conscious. I had a lot of fun doing this shoot. The profile pic is pretty crazy cause there has been like over 230 likes so far. Like wth guys haha I have never received so many likes for my profile pic. Or any of my photos LOL!! But truly, thank you for listening to my songs and supporting me!

People tell me very surprising things. I honestly wasn’t expecting much response, much less positive comments- this is my first original that I videoed. People have been telling me how much they like it? And that it is the best of my stuff so far. Which… befuddles me a little bit LOL. But I am very touched and all these feedback help me a lot.

What I think about Just Another Girl:

Execution wise definitely can be improved- Hahaha I still have squeaky guitaring.Not perfect singing also lolz. Haha incorporated a skill I learnt from Matt- the guitar knock. Am very proud of myself for that. HAHA. 

Also tried two sets of chords instead of the usual, though I’m still in my comfortable range of capo 3 and using my pet chords. Hahaha. Melody playing wise haha I don’t think I did anything new… except that I finally have a bridge in my songs? Haha so in a sense this song is ‘fuller’ than my other songs simply because structurally wise it is more rounded and complete.


I also found out that a lot of my friends (good friends somemore!!!) don’t listen to my song (!!!) but they still like it  on FB ( I think..) HAHA well I do try. Hahahah I guess my stuff is just not their cup of tea lol but nobody wants to tell me. Which is why honesty is really appreciated in a super-connected world where burning bridges may burn down entire webs of friendships. Haha. Bad analogy? Haha.

Watched 3 films from Design Film Fest courtesy of Linghong! Ate yummy crab samples with Oli hahaha and we tong one bucket of popcorn ( didn’t finish). Now this shaw theatre is dashizz. Awesome! But I still miss cathay plush seats lol :D


Quick thoughts:

1. Vivian Maier

Super intriguing. Was moving at times. I liked how she is portrayed as a person with many faucets- not just like, a very 2d view. Maloof must be commended for making a straight-forward, clean documentary for a subject matter that is quite complex in its own right. And his perseverance for doing all this to the end? A++++

Who is Vivian Maier? I first knew about her through tumblr posts. Was pretty shocked to find out that there was a film made about her and that I was going to watch it! LOL! Shes the lady who took sooooo many photos, never really printed them and kept them a secret until her death when the boxes are discovered. A guy found them at an auction and set out to discover who she was, and why she had so many, so many photographs. 10 000 negatives no joke. Crayz!!!. But absolutely stunning picture, intriguing life. She was a person who kept to herself, but had the capacity to love- she took care of children- she was a nanny by occupation.

Also very, very inspiring and moving. Made me question myself. As an artist, what do you want to achieve? If you’re in it for the fame and glory, there’s something wrong haha. She was the ultimate… idk. Like she really doesn’t give a shit about what people think about her shots. She never even showed them to anyone. 

I realised then that I liked making my music. I have some ideas on where I want to go with it- I am kinda doing this for the fun of it. It just brings me a lot of joy re-doing my favourite songs, learning new things and creating my own music. Putting together stuff, jamming with people. Fame and glory will follow when good things come together I guess? It’ll be cool but… I just want to remember this amazing feeling of just being able to create and not care. This is very real. That how some artists feel hemmed in by their labels and are ‘forced’/pressurised to create things that ‘sell’. I don’t want that. I still need soul in my music.

Sometimes people tell me things like, why do you write such sad things? Why do you……. feel like that? Is this a subtle way of telling me you want to hear happier things? But I just do not want to express myself this way. If I cared too much, what I create will not be true. So it’s lucky that I made a shell haha. Posting Just Another Girl on Facebook was actually a big move for me because… the subject matter was something very close and personal to me, and there I am, showing my vulnerability to everyone on Facebook. People I knew. Not even strangers. It would be easier to bare my soul and emotions to strangers actually. But these are people who directly exist in my world. So… yeah. I don’t want to lose that. I don’t want to lose… how I truly feel and express. I don’t want to censor myself. I want to be free in my music. That’s why authors write under monikers. That’s why nobody wants to show people their work sometimes- it’s so damn personal you feel like you’re giving away parts of yourself. Exposing yourself.

But so far lols I have had a lot of space- nobody really outright asked me about who I sing about, what I write about. There were questions about my personal life but haha I’m glad you guys don’t probe. Kinda hard to share sometimes. Just Another Girl is especially real. Death By Sea had a stronger element of fiction to it- this song… is pretty raw for me. Haha.

Yep. I digress (lol. *unapologetic*)

2. Maker

Very interesting film. Think you would have enjoyed it very much LingHong! Pretty inspiring. Was rather excited throughout the film- it sparked something in me. I’m happy to find out that we’re in the creation stage. Like industrial stage was… making manufactured mass products - and now it’s truly the time to invent and innovate. To bridge the gap between tech and the physical world. To make a good linkway. A true renaissance. I’m excited. I mean like I knew about things like Kickstarter (bought an album off it), even read about crowdfunding, but it’s so good to have someone piece together all this for me and present it in an engaging manner. Shows me where we stand now and where we can possibly head to. Amazing stuff. So many exhilarating possibilities. Of course, when you put such power into hands of regular people, you sometimes have to sift through a whole bunch of crap in order to find the true gems. But better freedom than restricted movement. Interaction- two heads are truly better than one. You can fight that with “too many cooks spoil the broth” but ” no man is an island”. Lol kay this is bit never-ending. Hope to be part of the movement. Hope to be a Maker.

Was telling Oli how Extroverted I am in the sense that I must really throw shit out before I plan/organise it. This is why I blog in big chunks and don’t really process things before I put them down in speech or words. I need to… visualise it on paper or text before I can be coherent in thought. It befuddles and sometimes confused people because they will need to figure out the pattern and meaning behind what I am saying on their own. Well, it’s not that I don’t know the meaning of what I share with you- it’s more like I’m figuring it out WHEN I talk to you about it. I find my meaning when I let it out first, not in my brain where I weigh everything.

3. Yves Saint Laurent

I didn’t know this the main event hahaha. The hall was huge and well-attended. Also haha the Design Film Fest is quite cool in the sense that they bring together like-minded people. The attendees are young and quite hipster HAHA. I guess since they bought the tickets they must have quite an interest in film. To invest in watching something not so mainstream/entertainment. For me I’m just lucky cause Lingz couldnt make it so I inherited her tix! Thank you very much I learnt a lot.

Yves was a pretty film. Not the best executed but it was a gorgeous spectacle. Rich visual scapes (a fashion movie, lol). In Oli’s words, heavy handed and lazy. Yknow sometimes you know something is off but can’t put them in words? People like Oli place the exact words for it. Haha. And then when you agree and like tell people this ‘discovery’ it makes you feel smart. So maybe that’s why people like reviewers when the express the thoughts and feelings so precisely and accurately.

Unlike Maze Runner which was poor in dialogue- came out feeling rather stupid and dumbed down haha couldn’t string together/express proper thoughts during rUnner. Lol. Maze runner IMO wasn’t done very well- felt draggy at times. I look forward to the book and to give this entire plot a second chance!

Lots more thoughts but I will end here today. Such a long post. Have been racking up some sleep debt because I refuse to ‘waste’ my free time. Which is a stupid thing to do because I end up feeling exhausted. But happy I guess, so I’m not really complaining.  

Loveya, <3

/edit I need to say how happy I was today when I got to try new guitars, when I was trying out the acoustic plug-ins, a father came up to me with his daughter in his arms and they listened to me play for a while hahaha. then he said things like see jiejie play so nice?  this is what I mean by music connects hahaha. For me it means a lot of opportunities to meet and interact with people. Kinda awesome when I’m feeling social :)

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That face you make when you find weird shit at stores, and then offer it to your friend.


^ accurate

(via twistedturns)



Went to check out how much ukes cost for my colleague today, and ended up buying strings for Ken and TRYING ACOUSTIC PLUG-INS AND ELECTRIC GUITARS AHHHHHHHHH

Tried out an Hummingbird Epiphone-the guy told me that it’s modelled after some famous Gibson and also that Taylor Swift and famous people use this lols. Didn’t like the flowery shit but ahhh god love the amplfied sound and it sounded pretty warm! He also recced me an OM shape since I already have a dreadnought acoustic. Skinny! Not bad haha.

But then I drifted to the electric side then I lost it. Lol. Tried the Fender Road Worn Telecaster fuq it’s cute as fuq. HEARTSSSS electric sounds I cannot. ahah. But then I tried another Strat and it sounded more balanced, whole and warm. Derp. Both have rather hefty pricetags + if I need to get amps and shit I am dead.

But it gives me reason to live and work hard. Fuq travelling I just want a guitar. Haha. 

Hopefully can get a nouvelle guitare l’annee prochaine.


And I hope to release a video/track every weekend :) EXCITING DAYS AHEAD YAY :)) Life has meaning again :)


My newest song :) Hope you guys like it!

Also, check out my newest cover art photo BIG THANKS TO LEE SI MIN!  and also my new logo yay :) Next up: more covers and a chinese original in the works! <3 Thanks for listening. xoxo

You came into my life, unexpectedly
And I thought that you would be the one
You spent a lot of time, hanging out with me
told me I was everything a perfect girl should be

so why, did you leave me, hanging out to dry
so why, did it take me so long to realize, that I was

Just another girl, just another girl
Just an ordinary dispensable human in your world
Just another girl, just another girl
Why’d you mean so much to me when your love ain’t even real

You were there for me, in my darkest days
You’ve seen the worst of me and I thought that you would stay
Well tough luck I must have read you wrong
Cause you left without a word
I looked for explanations but I guess this is what I’m worth

so why, did you leave me, hanging out to dry
so why, did it take me so long to realize, that I was

Maybe I was making the wrong choices
Maybe I was stupid all along
Maybe I was losing all my senses
But boy you got me tripping all along

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That said haha this song is for you. I know I *just* said I don’t care about you but fuq la I do haha. Like I will really leave you alone when you need me.

When life leaves you high and dry
I’ll be at your door tonight if you need help, if you need help
I’ll shut down the city lights,
I’ll lie, cheat, I’ll beg and bribe to make you well, to make you well
When enemies are at your door I’ll carry you away from war
If you need help, if you need help
Your hope dangling by a string
I’ll share in your suffering to make you well, to make you well

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no happy ever after, just disaster: JoJo- Disaster

I love this song. JoJo is my kinda new singing goddess. Lots of attitude, great voice, and awesome live perfs. Hats off!!

What’s up! Work is a mixed bag of stuff- when I have meaningful projects/challenging stuff/ideas to generate haha the day passes much faster. But still racking my brain to come up with something workable haha! I definitely work better when I have material to work around. Blind copy is so empty for me sometimes.  It helps also that I can play music (Spotify) when I work :) 

Went back to CAPT!! Easily the highlight of my week. Firstly, thank you Brandon for inviting me back to perform together for Open Mic. It has been fun constructing Stay- haha I’m glad I met you here in Jam City Woohoo mucisians + collabs heheh :D Haha. Was kinda scandalised when I found out when there was NO Mr Bean at BV MRT whut just whut. Met Prachi on 196 and it was nice chatting and catching up :)) Met more familiar faces in CAPT- lucy the baby of the college has cut bangs hahaha!! Just standing round listening to the performances at the Flying Seed- bumped into a lot of lovely people oh god I haz missed you guys a lot. Everything feels different yet so… yeah basically. Got hit in the feelz.

Vanessa (she goes by Adeline now though?) was great. Awesome voice I don’t even. Also props to Mike with his originals heheh and Esmond working the sound system! And Tzuying and Elaine were great too. Hysen too!! Awesomeness. Haha then I got tired in my new shoes so we went up to nua sai & guitar at 15. Haha thanks to Dayan Ken & Crys for hanging out with me the entire night hhaha. Bonus points thank you for helping me daobao brownie + ice cream hehehe :D *gandong* Also big hugs to Elisa & Kai :)




If you haven’t listened to our song—>

Lol I failed my long sustained note TWICE hahahahaha. How funny. Need to work on that. Was freaking out as usual before the show but lol was very very very calm and enjoying the performance (about 7 minutes plus long. lol) Hopefully this means I have become more of a seasoned performer. Lols. New songs coming up :)

Silly photos of the week:


My very own bookbook.Hahahaha. *tickled*

Hahaha. Also hit 60/100 of my GoodReads challenge I think I’m going rather strong this year! Must be because quite consistent right. Haha.

Newest plans:

Should go back get my piano diploma, violin and continue to mug hard for JLPT N1 & 2 when I settle down in work. Had quite a kick today trying to translate Japanese from a product that needed copy. Lol. And was happily eavesdropping on two French ladies having a conversation while on the way to work. Also can I say I am glad as fuq that my work commute is super, super short. Very thankful because the train is so congested in the morning already. So standing nose to nose to the door for just two stops is really heartening. Haha. 

Also the soya bean at the market is dashizz. Super cold and awesome :)

Met up with Eli the other day! Yay so glad to catch up :) Many loves <3

Also ganny for our spontaneous movie on the weekend!! Yayyy I really really enjoyed it. 等一个人咖啡 is based on a 九把刀 book. I was bored and browsing for movies and spotted it!! Was very surprised and soooo wanted to watch it because I read the book before. Don’t really remember what happens in the plot but I remembered the names of the characters ( strong characterisation, haha). Yeah. Some thoughts about the movie:

  • I HEART TW MOVIES!! So cute. Realised I’m quite a fan when I finally counted the movies I watched and really enjoyed. Please talk to me for recommendations. Haha.
  • We were discussing the characters. I love that the couples are always so down to earth. The guy leads are always very different from western actors. Like the things they do haha… 体贴温柔善良有心意!! I love the big-heartedness of Ah Tuo and how he views the world. Super happy go lucky haha (Y) Now where do we meet such kindhearted sincere people.. :p

Teachers’ Day!! Always kinda forget that I am a (tuition) teacher too. Awwwwhs :) And big thanks to all who have taught me. I never want to stop learning.

Also did this book challenge on FB and I’m going to share it here:

Got tagged by Liu Chen Chuan & Wee Yong Matsuda Ong so here we go!

List the top ten books that come to your mind or have stayed with you over the years. Don’t think too much. Don’t worry about them being the ‘right’ books. Tag your friends to see their favourites.

Off the top of my head- some of my favourite authors & books:
1.Mao’s Last Dancer- Li Cun Xin 
Love this-love stories of chasing dreams through hard work. This was also made into a movie  I even borrowed the chinese version of this and made my mother read it. Haha.

2.First Test- Tamora Pierce
How I first became friends with YiLin hahaha. She was the only person I knew who knew this author!! I love kickass underdog female warriors who try their best.

3.Pride & Prejudice- Jane Austen
This started out boring but it has since become my favourite classic. I was thinking how this would be the perfect anime plot. Haha. Also have this book in the zombies version XD

4.We Need To Talk About Kevin- Lionel Shriver
Dark, sad, haunting. About how their kid became a school massacre killer. Lionel Shriver has now become one of my fave authors with her other books! 

5.Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist- Rachel Cohn, David Levithan
Forgot if I read this first or watched the movie, but David Levithan is one of my fave authors! 

6.Out – Natsu Kirino
The first ever grisly novel I ever liked.

7.The Ancient Garden- Hwang Sok-Yong 
Touching and tragic.

8.Robopocalypse-Daniel H Wilson 
Exciting! Paved the road to me reading stuff about zombies and robot dystopias.

9.10.11. Harry Potter, Alex Rider, Percy Jackson series.
Because duh. Haha

NEXT: Yi Lin Tan Wenxin Teh Tan Ho Yee

Also: am realising the importance of an umbrella.. and tea.

Other thoughts:

I realised not a lot of people live honestly. Like I feel that you’re always holding back. I recognise it because I used to be like that. You say it’s because of society and like.. you just don’t want trouble from other people. But is it not tiring to not be yourself all the time? To be scared of being judged and just… not being your true self. I want to tell you I love you for what you are but I won’t encourage anything either because if you’re not ready then I can’t really deal with your unstability either. It’s sometimes harder to accept you when you can’t even love yourself. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. Selfish of me but I just can’t take more drama. Plus it’s really like just me… taking responsibility for something that might explode in my face.

I try my best to live honestly but I guess I fail at times as well. Oh well ahaah as poser as I am I do try. 

Aight. I’ll try harder to live a fuller life. Most of the time I suffer from some.. lack of closure for school and CAPT. Like what the… I remember living a very full life with no regrets when I was still in school. Life passed quickly and it was incredibly fun. Every day was filled with friends, laughter and learning. Nowadays it’s easy to get caught up in nothing, and just being tired. I don’t want to live a life I regret. So I want to make fuller use of my days, especially my weekends. There’s not really any more … tangible progress milestones for me anymore - back then it was academic hurdle after hurdle (PSLE, As, Uni etc.) Now it’s more like.. lifestyle milestones like getting married, starting a family, owning a home etc. Quite arbitrary in my opinion. 

Was asking myself then, what made me happy (sometimes when I get sian at work). And if that activity- if I really pursued it would I enjoy my life better? After all, I only had one life. One short, miserly life. Haha. 


Love you & get in touch with me if you’re just feeling chatty haha. Thick skins bring you everywhere.

Take care xx


Have also been reading Yankee Kun To Megane Chan omg so funny. Cracks me up + I miss hot blooded school life. Haha. Gangsta life, truly.


(omg! there is a drama version!! Yay life has meaning again) No prizes for guessing yes I like the delinquent boy. Haha super leaderboy + 帅


now what

Listening to: Devil May Cry - The Weeknd

Where do we go from here now? What is the point and am I thrown off balance because I’m not too sure where I’m supposed to run now.


Is this some kind of fabled angst phase every (almost) adult goes through? If I’m not alone in feeling so bored and unsatisfied, tell me.




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this makes me happy :)

Listening to Luguangzhong & david tao makes my night.

This is what people mean when they say they feel a *connection* with an artist. I heart. <3

Here’s the story on why they made this song together!


Can hear how happy they are :)

Also finally understand what it means by “companies must struggle to stay relevant” for real. haha.




陶喆 那個女孩 (feat.盧廣仲)

What is this haha I have never heard of this!

Haven’t been here in a while. *Shakes off dust*

It has been a rather hectic month! 

Many weekend mornings devoted to NUS Open 2014! Thanks Pok a billion for giving us a ride at 6am haha!!!


One of the early mornings~


Had lots of fun :) Finally some action in the outfield haha caught two flyballs, made errors (lol) and hahaha went to unleash some killer aura. Will miss the team :)


Was just thinking on the bus - don’t really have a lot of regrets about schooling life though I do miss it at times- I think I spent almost every inch doing things I liked. I liked studying, I liked softball, I went out to Bunka, I did languages. I had fun! So nothing much to feel regretful about :)

WORK! We spent a week packing hahah it was pretty crazy finding out that my company did some pretty iconic stuff in the 90s!! Also, mooncakes in the office. ‘Nuff said.

I like the new place actually. Doesn’t feel small, plus it has that kinda loft modern architecture feel, no? :)


Photos from some time back! Stolen from the company whatsapp haha. Celebrating Vincent’s birthday with a yummy Tiramisu cake!



The ALS Ice bucket challenge!

Also OMG found out Janet is a Blythe collector ZOMG ZOMG she brought a Blythe to work and I FINALLYYY GOTT TO TOUCH A BLYTHE *_* Such a pretty thing.

Also fell sick and had to get MC. -_- Spent the two days of MC legit just sleeping and eating medicine. Didn’t even have energy to read simi.


And this… when was this. Some weekday night haha. Good to see dem s2 uni mates :) 


Random: Don’t leave house without an umbrella friends!

What I’m reading:

The art of thinking clearly by Rolf Dobelli. This stuff is entertaining and illuminating. Haha. Skipped some of his examples because I already covered them in my Social Psych module (gave up on that halfway, too much workload, but it was fun while it lasted!)

Hmmm and yes of course: 


Okay, gonna scoot! :D


30-Second Seduction: How Advertisers Lure Women Through Flattery, Flirtation, and Manipulation by Andrea Gardner

Picked this up this book because I thought it would be helpful in my new job. Advertising is sometimes really all about manipulation- and it is important to know about these techniques, no matter if you’re going to use them or not. Interesting stuff about psychology, sociologists reading trends and all.

Read about how advertising puts so much pressure on women- how we have to juggle so many things and to be ‘perfect’. In the end the book really eats at me because I have been influenced. Nobody is spared from the media deluge today.

The book addresses things I want to know- How the hell are you supposed to market your beauty product when you’re encouraging people to ‘be themselves, be authentic’ and things like that? “After all, advertising feeds on fears and insecurity.” And empowering women through ads does not necessarily convert into sales, though yes, people will like your brand. In the end there’s this huge dilemma and things get really crazy. Is there still such a thing as Good advertising? And why is advertising suffering from such an seemingly inherent bad rep?

"The fraying of social trust"- can you trust your friends when they might be involved in trying to sell you something? It’s like can I trust bloggers nowadays when all they do is do sponsored advertorials? Is there truth or honest opinion in the world anymore?

In the end being authentic and real is still very important in a world where everyone wants to be somebody else. Gulp.

/// Walking this fine line and it’s really important to stay true and ethical . These are some of the challenges I face every day at work.


do you feel like I did before/ do you see the world getting small //

love in the sky: the weeknd

The weekend passed by really quickly, quite tired but haha it was great :)

Hung out at Dhoby w the boys and chanced upon the Night Fest!! Cool stuff haha :) Earth Harp, cool light installations and hipster looking night market. Here are some crappy quality pictures from my phone. HAHA


Crowds, crowds, crowds. But: pretty lights :)

This. At first I was like wth are all those people looking at. And then when you finally see it, you shit bricks.


How amazing is this?!?!?! The artist must be really good- to work with a random tree :O Super impressed. Kinda creepy but wow.


Singaporean takes on classic art pieces. HAHA! Recognised the parodies especially since I’ve been exposed to the originals last semester during my aki mod Reading Visual Images :) These really tickled me.


"The Last Kopitiam" Hahaha. 


Tried the Durian Creme Brulee zomg it was damnnn good.


And I guess lighting affects the photo quality x1000! The green was really pretty- there was live music and all sorts of entertainment. Plus it was spread out over a few places! Hapz!!

Traipsed all around Sg with my two buddies hahaha are we insane? I like walking the quiet streets at night. (Probably only so chill cuz I wasn’t alone and don’t really have to worry about safety) Second only to walking the streets at night after rain. But old already haha shag sia. Thanks for the awesome company ^_^

Also watched Guardians of the Galaxy (finally!!) Love the soundtrack! Fun movie :) I love Star Trekky kinda stuff HAHA one of the prison wardens remind me of Scotty.



Somehow this whole movie also reminded me of Treasure Planet.


Had dinz with my sista lol and I forgot to bring my wallet HAHA! Paid her back later though hahaha. 

More damage to my wallet on my imaginary pay but haha having money is soooo awesome haha. So far I have spent it on food, treating friends & family and work clothes. 

Softball! Haha got up really early, but thanks Pok for giving us a lift again. Seriously lol how are we supposed to get to school otherwise :P 

Field still muddy but morale was up! We played two games, didn’t win but I think overall the team has really gotten much stronger. Like Yawen says we really need to capitalise on the little opportunities to score since nowadays we can get on base. Quite different from the previous years. Caught two fly balls- quite shocked really haha. Also very proud of some awesome plays & runs my teammates made!! Upz yall :) And yes, like Rachel said, we did everything we could- we recovered from errors, we made good plays. All we need now is to connect the hits. Jiayou friends <3

Went off to play bball with the boys after the second game HAHA sun you max. Haven’t played bball in forever, missed it! :)) Went back eventually to help pack up haha.

Then dinz at smelly drain with whats left of the team was fun :D We were all so shag we didn’t realise we didn’t make our order until Pok said something. LOL. Plus all the crazy laughing I can only remember laughing and stoning LOL was a bit high.

Gonna go take a rest now! Busy week ahead for the entire office. We started packing a bit- cleared out magazines from 1997 omg haha. Very retro. Brought back some print material I liked hahaha :) Gaah just cannot leave these pretty paper things alone. Can’t wait for my first free weekend!!!

Also I really need to start paying attention to little details. Am kinda blind to my own copy- can’t catch my own mistakes and shit. Need to be duper duper careful- I’m really a big picture person I would say. But I’ll train up the eye for keener detail!!

Andddd totally need to watch my weight D:

Also, yay apples & home cooked dinners :)

Love xx



Had 4 Fingers 2x consecutively lol whateven.

And Sashimi Salad YOSHHHH SO AWESOME <3 With awesome company LSM!! hehehe. Had a haircut while waiting for Sushi Tei to call us, LOL.



Me & my new hair cut. (I know you can’t see the difference.) Lol I have started to believe my own copy- esp the health and beauty ones. Today I brought kiwi, apple,cherry tomatoes and guava to the office for lunch. Upz not.. hahaha XD  As you can see I think I put on some weight liao wah cannot .


BYE JIETINGGGGG have a great exchange love <3 And thanks friends for advice on napkins :P 


  • when my dad cooks CHICKEN rendang instead of beef rendang cause I’m not eating beef for a month. 
  • when I finally come home to eat dinner and THERE IS CRAB
  • food in the office
  • having time to fold laundry
  • hugs

Random thoughts:

  • I ended up being a writer anyway. LOL.
  • Long copy is such an indulgence but ahh :’)
  • Samples *_*


Just a quick round-up before I create a backlog of posts for myself! Have been rather busy these few weeks- going to work, training, NUS Open and meeting friends and all. Left NUSOPEN earlier today to come home to deal with laundry and household chores hahaha. Shag siol.

How is work? Work is good. Challenging enough too! Learning a lot on the job- I think I definitely need to… pay attention to detail. When I am rushing I really tend to overlook things. (Such a big picture person) In the real world it can have bad repercussions and since I am the ‘voice’ of companies I need to watch my steps carefully.  Becoming fat though. Office has lots of food and samples etc zomg dies.

Went for Jieting’s Serious.Fun Youth Showcase at Fo Guang Shan! Went all the way to Punggol k, don’t play play hahaha.


Was very proud of her and Weixin and all the laojiaos like Fel & Yeesiang too. Awesome job guys!! So much effort into a great performance and night :) I didn’t expect this level of engagement haha I was happily clapping away on the plastic clapper hahahah. So awesome seriously. Weixin’s compositions were sung and danced to by the crew!! And JT was like in almost every performance dawwws. And the ‘life’ video is hilarious HAHA

Was thinking about community in ong’s car to KFC. It is really nice to see a different type of community come together. Kinda left my NUS/CAPT one.. what anchors me now? Community is really powerful. So much support - and I would think it imbues life with lots of meaning. Ie. with a religious organisation/church - you feel less idle and lonely. idleness= evil!! So many happy families and children- wonder how it must feel to grow up in such a network. Like having so many family friends and a place to grow in every weekend. Friends you’ve known since you were 5 years old. And all serving a common purpose/spreading good/being brought up in a particular manner. Would want to create such a good environment for my kids too haha. A secure, loving, stable place :)  I guess your own connections in future will also affect your childrens’- more parent friends means more family friends and play dates? And more friends for your children. Haha.

Talked about life in KFC haha. I love like.. suibian suibian going to fast food joint to hang out. It’s like the ultimate chill to me, aside from hanging out in houses. I love it :) Thanks friends btw haha loves very much <3 

Went out with Melvin for dinner hahaha. We went to try Babette! Didn’t disappoint hahaha. In fact I left feeling quite enamoured by the Yuzu Beer. Can you believe it hah Yuzu + BEER! LOL!! Damn nice (Y)


This is the avocado salmon thing that is small but yummy :) and below, the bacon tempura my sister and dad will like !


the highlight of the night: MATCHA LAVA CAKE! this stuff is legit. 


thanks for the catch up :)) next year 10 years friends liao leh… lol from the silly days of MSN to legal adults hahaha :D

Also met up with these ladies~~~ hahaha had lots of fun catching up. loves very much :)


Had this moment where,.. I just felt very 幸福。Just got off wenx’s car laughing our asses off at her shouting chinese encouragement hahahaha and then Jess and I were just walking to another bus stop. “in that moment, we were infinite” lol. It rained, and the traffic lights and roads had a certain shine. It’s my favourite actually :) Then just walking and chatting.. being out at night with pretty lights and lovely company makes me very happy. Haha :)

Went to send Claudia off at the airport today. It was one of the saddest airport farewells ever. A small and sweet farewell- from family who loved her!! I think we kinda crashed them though oops :X

But zomgz. MISSED THE DIAMONDS!! hahaha. so good to see them <3 Hhaha. I always feel like we work well together in some sense? Like we’re all really different with our personalities and all- but brought together by music hahah it’s a touching story like that. I like how we each have our own specialty- ie. when I don’t like doing this, another person does it because he likes it. so like everyone kinda fits well together haaha IMO. most of the time anyways. Well anyway it was fun hanging out for a while :) silly moments with the skateboard hahah. :))) Bon voyage and take care dear claudy!!! <3


Going to the airport and talking about travel makes me feel a lot of wanderlust! Hope to travel somewhere again :)) Very scary though sometimes- as all of us scatter to different parts of the earth, leading our own separate lives. Yes, we can keep in touch, but everyone is moving, time is moving, moving moving and sometimes it just really scares me as how quickly and irreversible this whole thing is. Then I just tell myself to calm down and let go of things I cannot control. Just breathe and let be.

Went back for NUSOPEN- the first day to score, and the second to play haha. Field was mega muddy haha we were all walking around barefoot lol. But today we found out that being in socks really keeps our feet dry and toasty. No more mudspa for me. Haha. 

Damn heng though no rain!! :D

First day scoring was interesting- scoring with Minghui haha and both of us being blur and freaking out sometimes :P Saw a cut play! That was interesting. And some nice hits too. Then this morning 8am game me and Siangping were trying hard to keep calm too. HAHA :P Big thanks to Pok for picking us easties like at 6am to go to school! And Cass for the yummy breads :) And Minghui for the handmade cookies :) And Nat for the jelly :D

Birthday girl decked out in brand new catching gear :D





Damn happy to see the seniors zomg <3 MISSES MUCH!!!! fangirl mode on also hahaha was raving about them to the juniors :P

We won our game but I guess we kinda played rather badly haha. D:
Hope to keep morale boosted for the next weekend :) Everybody damn shag from waking early and basically setting up and running all the shit for the Open. Not like I helped out much but haha but still shag haha.  Yawen was super upz hahaha. And I think our team improved in fielding and running overall :) Butt we can definitely up our batting!! Jiayous :D

Lastly, hahaha our very very very early christmas exchange at Jeia’s HAHAH <3 VVVV silly but I love hanging out at houses. Loves heehee <333 Thanks ong for giving us a lift~~ And the awesome steamboat hahaha I ate so much :x LOL. And San for the Japan gifts heehee ~~! And my angel for my new Ed Sheeran X album :D


Also received my Nat Geog sub, my Gabe Bondoc Honestly album (yay!!) , and a postcard from ade. awwww <3 

Gonna go sleep nao hahaha loves  <3 TTYL~~


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