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—National Geographic MAY 2014, Love and Loss on the Seine
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finally started making the musical video and gosh just reviewing the footage I’m like ugh I might not have enough of what I need. Possibly because I was juggling other things at the same time and couldn’t film 24/7 or enough of everything that was going on. Like how do I video when I’m doing my pubs stuff with my team right? And as a result there is little of them which sucks cause they’re a great bunch and I owe them a lot.

And… film-making - super rusty at it!? Not even sure if I should put in stuff like people going off pitch haha.


My first ever Chinese original! 

Came up with the lyrics and melody in Taiwan- pinned down the chords on the piano eventually (LOL turned out to be simple chords heng? hahaha) But damn, it’s really hard to sing and play piano at the same time =_=

My chinese pronunciation is pretty shite god knows why when I grew up in a chinese environment (schools, family etc) too ang-moh-nised by all the english records I listen to I guess haha oops. Trying to enunciate clearly kinda came in the way of trying to convey the feelings so I gave up and focused on delivering notes and feeling instead. And like, try to breathe LOL. Techniques suck. But I still like my song. Haha.

Not the best version of this song, can hear a fully produced one by a powerhouse singer like g.e.m. singing my song, complete with those orchestra things they use in chinese ballads and of course the drums :D 

Don’t really have the habit of sharing my music on Facebook, shy or something I don’t know. But all my songs are pretty much honest so I guess whenever I make one , cover or not, it leaves me kinda vulnerable. Someday when I make something really worthy! 

But still, thanks to all my friends who share my music, listen to my music and give me feedback! Always nice to hear your thoughts. Thanks a billion xxx 

More chinese songs coming up next, thanks to my 方文山 hehehe. And eventually I think there will be a hokkien song HAHA!!

love xx

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I had a brilliant day! Started off really wonky- was kept awake by the coffee buzz from the previous night , what a dumb idea TH. You know your body the best, why’d you do that for *lily allen voice*?

Was just in time though :D Caught up with Chanel and we spammed two movies hahaha. X-men and Maleficent!!

I really liked X-men- was so good to see the old crew back- Storm, Jean, a glimpse of Rogue, Scott even, though I don’t like him much. Felt that there was so much going on, feel like watching it again!! :D Was also thinking about how Marvel is a good company name- it has nice connotations- promises to wow and amaze.  Team it with the flashy pop-art comic graphic styles and it’s hip.

Maleficent- Angelina is gorgeous. The fairies are bimbotic, and is one of them Ron’s mum? Hhaha :D

Had astons for lunch!! :D Thanks for a great time Chanel!! :)

Headed back to CAPT for our practise session. Haha so many feels. Met Edwin on the way there on 196 HAHA what a coincidence!! We got the same grade for our language modules trolololol maximum. Met Zac too in CAPT! Haha wasn’t expecting so many familiar faces on a random weekday. 

Jamming was great! A bit rusty- haven’t been singing much and yikes, even till now Happy is a tricky song to sing. Hope to have time soon to up level for guitar! And learnt new drum rhythms from Darren MUAHAHA!!! So happy hehehe best teacher evar.

Tried the bass. Totally suck at it. LOL. So much for wanting to replicate Beck’s bass line for Spice of Life. 

The boys really ham it up for liu xing zhu jiao and I love their chemistry for performing together!! Haha :D 

Feels strange as hell to be in CAPT but without access to cards and all muhmuhmuh. 

Green line back with Junhao! Amazing memory hahaha so funny recounting old experiences trolol. Some of the stuff JH says are really quite wise haha. I have the huge ass issue of leaving CAPT behind- it gave me so much love and memories, it’s kinda hard to move on when you felt so much joy. It might also keep you from living in the present as well- something all my zen reading always reminds me of. Guilty as hell of dreaming for the future and also thinking about the past. 

When I can’t sleep, I read old letters and notes. Sometimes I’m really surprised by what people write to me- haha, they’re reminders of who I was, and what we were together. Went through the old SJ file and lol at the things seniors say- was I really so obvious and depressed as a Std 3?  And.. nice things friends write - super d’aww like so many years down the road. 

I myself don’t remember what the hell I write to people- usually I just write what’s on my mind haha and assume that you’ll like to read it. Haha maybe the ghosts will catch up to me one day- especially the terrible handwriting? Hahaha.

So anyway, a nice, wise quote from JH:

"Moving on is not forgetting, but you can remember and gain strength from the past to live in the present"

How nice that I watched Days of Future Past today hahaha.

And thanks to everyone who has wrote me things before! Your kind words encourage me always :) 


back :D

was on the 1AM flight back to Singapore, it was so cold!! Don’t know how people tahan the freezing cold in slippers and shorts.

Spent the day catching up on sleep (jetlag, looolz) and then packing my room! Unpacked my luggage, cleaned up one area, throwing out things and tidying up everything. Wearing a facemask was the best idea ever, didn’t sneeze at all! Usually I have sneezing fits when I have decluttering sessions.

Met up with the Hs today :D Supposed to celebrate Quek’s bday but lol we’re like .. so old already haha it went without much fanfare o_o. But we still love you of course :) Great catching up with mah friends!

packed week ahead, also time to lose all the accumulated weight from the holiday eating.


the ‘job’ topic is still … hanging around. Still in some sort of vacuum, not yet actively in search yet. Talked to Jieting in the cab- I am just very convinced that I would really really really prefer doing something of my own rather than work for a company. Maybe that’s the source of all the inertia for job search. J told me about her sister’s company and how distribution worked! Maybe in the end business models are the most important. And I should stop the elusive search for the perfect product. 

Also: since I keep searching out entrepreneurship stuff on my own accord, maybe I should just pay attention to what I do and stop trying to fit myself in moulds. A square can’t fit into a circle. (I was thinking, I think I can fit a circle into a square. Hahah.) 

And derp I don’t know if I have too low expectations about salary or what. Erm. /uncomfortable But I really want to find something that makes me feel alive. Or at least not dread.




Went to Costco, this mega American based supermarket chain in Taiwan, all prepared today. Brought my phone to tune the YAMAHA guitar on display HAHA and went ahead to play some songs god I missed guitar-ing haha and Had tunnel vision feels for a while. Until my mum and sister told me to stahp and leave. Ohwells. /jiangyehao

Recent things Im currently in love with.

  • BECK
  • this bass line from Beck’s Spice of Life song. Got introduced to RaTM thanks to youtube comments not bad not bad
  • Taira really makes me appreciate bass lines so much haha, What a cool ass dude,
  • SPYAIR and their songs !
  • Fang da tong’s stuff! Wish I had more money to blow on his album. For now I’ll be a rather tepid fan I guess.

Ganbatte shimasu yo!!

Newest goals:

  • guitar level up- time to get to work.
  • be able to play all my favourite songs on guitar!! wuyuetian, RHCP, HERE I COME. 
  • consider getting my piano diploma and continue violin too
  • SWIM to be a koyuki god and get bigger lungs to project louder hahaha.
  • play outfield like one of the awesome seniors in AoD’s teams. Hahaha
  • bat like a monster.
  • erm.. for the sake of trying to look responsible, look for a job.
  • clean up the room and make more space
  • be a better performer and person :-)

Honki desu.



yozzz! am on episode 22 of BECK- don’t really want it to end. Right now Beck is making it at bigger venues and a music festival! And Koyuki and friends are like,. 14-16 years etc. What was i even doing then? Hahah.

Youtubed one of my favourite artistes on Youtube- they got signed with a major label as well! Couldn’t find their album in Japan though. Rewatched 10 Questions with CREAM- it’s always nice to see where people get their inspiration and stuff. Staxx’s favourite songs form high school were like- Ignition (R Kelly) , Where is the Love (BEP) and a hiphoip group. Minami had a really story to share- her full name is Minami Minami- why? cause her dad was the oldest son and he couldn’t continue the line with a boy.. so he named her Minami hahaha. dAWW.

Minami’s english is really good! With an american? accent too. Think shes from an international school and she seemed to have matured really early haha. Still a goddess . Hhaha.

I try to support my youtube artistes! Bought US’ album, waiting for Gabe Bondoc’s to arrive. Beck ordered 300 albums for their first album, and Luguangzhong has so many EPs! Was shocked haha I never knew he released EPs. Tori Kelly cut her own EP too- Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly.

Maybe one day I’ll get to cut my own EP and album!! Hhahaha. A girl can dream.

Coming back soon! xx


things I regret now

following the previous post;

  • not letting the giraffe at the zoo kiss me cause I freaked out at its grey tongue
  • not buying AKFG’s latest album from TOWER RECORDS in Japan
  • not buying FTP’s new album too. (Will go get it from HMV, fuq you all who tell me not to buy CDs. I just like them, In fact, a discman would be nice.)
  • not bringing my Kindle on the trip to Kenting so I can read by the seaside

Yay however for friends who help me not regret stupid things. Nearly didn’t buy the Duffy pouch I carry DAILY if not for Zoe and Zac who helped me get it in Disneysea- I was running dry on funds and told them not to get it but they still did and I’m so happy :’) And: not regrets for all the crepes I ate. Ever.

For those who have not met Duffy the pouch bag, you will very soon. Haha.


breathe hard

Clicked on a facebook link the other day- this website mapped your life and broke it down to days and weeks. The driving message, being, make every moment count, cause well, YOLO. Haha.

I’m at the place where I’m supposed to go find a job and stuff. Read another article about how ‘do what you love’ is a totally elite thing for people who are relatively comfortable in life, while most people have to work the butt off as the ‘working class’. And the argument went: “; why does work have to be enjoyable?’ 

Marx would have hated you.

Isn’t the point where we can use machines to do laborious stuff so that we can go reach the top human consciousness in Maslow’s hierachy? I know things ain’t like.. totally automated now. But really. Who wants to get stuck doing mundane things that a robot can do? What is the point of life then? 

Or maybe because I am in a more comfortable position I can say such things. But a greedy man will never be satisfied- if you have low expectations (no need to be rich etc) maybe life is … easier to live?

But from another pov- maybe people work hard so they can provide a better life for their children and family. Would possibly suck if you cannot provide for your children cause you were living a frivolous life while in your youth? Another argument goes like your children are their own people- but tbh I’ll want to be able to have money to let them do what they want, go on school trips, have nice meals now and then.

But then again I rather have a broke but happy life rather than a rich and empty one. 

Money does help oil many engines but in the end kane is simply just kane. Pieces of paper. 

Also: seriously. If I’m 21 now, and am possibly gonna live till 70-80 or less… why … do I want to waste any time? Quote the triangle: 

When you’re young you have lots of time, energy but not money.

When you’re old you might have money but no time and energy, 

So there. For me.. I’ll take it one step at a time. Maybe I ‘m just prolonging my fear of stepping into the adult reality, or maybe I just really want to live life by my own rules.

I think.. putting off things you want to do can either be

1. delayed gratification

2. you’ll never get around doing it. ever.

I am hell. not. going to be one of the people who have regrets like ’ I didn’t do this then. because.’

It’s very hard to live with. But instant gratification is a moral pitfall as well that we should all watch out for, especially in such YOLO days. Especially if your YOLO hurts people. Or your parents’ wallet. Be a responsible YOLO-er k guys.

Love xx



well, I tired of Gintama. (So quickly, I know.) Still funny but not assss funny. Am rewatching BECK now! Not sure when I started watching it- but I know I loved it. I loved the music scenes, I love how Koyuki practises guitar and swimming and how it trains up his vocal range.

Just read a couple of reviews of the net- so nice to see people relate to BECK. Finished writing and recording a sample of my first ever Chinese original- the few people I sent it to all say I sound like a kantang- god knows why especially since I grew up in a Chinese environment.

Can’t wait to be back to make music. Am still kinda sour that my younger secondary school life was not.. about making music. Well at least I used those years to make friends and listen to music all around? Well then again I mostly listened to pop.

Ah, at crossroads and all I want to do sometimes is just play music , eat, and have fun. Don’t we all?

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Was doing some follow up on music that I saw/heard in Japan on big screens in Shibuya- and chanced upon this band Spyair.

Gave it a listen and damn started looping it. Loved the start, and slowly began to like everything about the song. A very 热血 song- discovered later that it was a Gintama movie soundtrack!!

One thing led to another and I started to watch Gintama. Ohgosh I hated the OP but gradually it grew on me as well. Episodes left me laughing hahaha. Am pretty happy cause I accidentally finished Ace of Diamond too quickly HAHA. Sorz me enjoys shonen stuff way too much. Also: Hijikata is like a comedic version of Roy Mustang from FMA.

Also looked up Spyair- do not understand what the previous 5th member , the DJ mohawk boy was doing in their band. Like the 4 man outfit now! But sadly there’s something going on with IKE’s voice and he tweeted that he was gonna quit :/  The dude is like 30. I read interviews- the band met in school! Was reading another interview about Gentle Bones and he started playing music in secondary school and he considers that late. Meh… and I will forever be jealous of wuyuetian who met in school as well, and made music as their career. 

Also checked out Spyair’s live perfs- was holding my breath but they turned out solid!!! So glad :D Kenta looks like Kondo san in the anime, LOL

Here’s another SPYAIR song I have been looping haha what a gem :’)

Was in Ken Ting for the past few days- only a bunch of days left in Taiwan. Then it is bam slam wham back into reality in Singapore. God knows whats in store!!! But I guess it will be a new chapter.


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lol first saw the ad in the busy Shibuya shopping district, saw ARCTIC MONKEYS and then ELLIE GOULDING and then I was hooked.

Went to check out the line up yesterday night and did a lot of preliminary research- blogposts, calculations. WAS SO STOKED! Could have completed some of my bucket list items:

  • Solo to Japan
  • Music Festival
  • Baseball match 

But ok with a calm and good head on my shoulders I waited till the morning to make a decision- we make sounder decisions in the morning! Calculated air tickets and all- IT COSTS A BOMB.

Just the 2 day concert tickets cost $350, which I don’t mind because it is equivalent to two concert tickets in Singapore (-_-“) and the lineup is good! Butbutbut I got owned by the air tickets so I guess this is a no go. Plus I haven’t added in accommodation, railway fares, food and other expenses … and I still owe my dad 1k for my last Japan trip. #oklor

Shall shelve these dreams for a moment. // T_T”

Same money can go to living well in Singapore and maybe an acoustic plug-in when I’m ready! (and there is no grass in Summer Sonic!! <—- CONSOLATION )

Schedule is all set for Sg when I’m back in mid-June, can’t wait :D SEEYALL <3

three times tingles turned 5 on today! (19 May 2014) HAHA THIS IS SUCH A LATE POST BUT IM BACK TUM &lt;3

three times tingles turned 5 on today! (19 May 2014) HAHA THIS IS SUCH A LATE POST BUT IM BACK TUM <3

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Am getting quite excited thinking about my trip!! Finally gonna fly and stuff. Gonna chiongsua revise Japanese tomorrow and hope it comes into good use :D

Met up with the Woonster before she flies to Tianjin!! Took a lot of stupid photos but only this one is glam enough to appear on my blog. HAHA. LOVE YOU <333 And teh if you are reading this we miss you as hell too ok we need to meet. <3

Read 4 books out of the 6, making it a round total of 30/100 books read this year! I think not bad lei?! :D Loaded up a couple of books onto the Kindle, hope to get more reading down over the holiday :)



(will post a calmer post before I go on a travel hiatus!!)


ubin :D

"I heard you enjoyed the last ubin trip so much that you planned one!"- Desmond


This is us on the ferry ride. $2.50/per trip each




Elvis making a long distance call. HAHA


Took a group pic first cause Sarah and Wenyi were not joining us for kayaking!

But here’s a pic of the sunshine girls who explored ubin instead :)


(pic stolen from Wenyi heheh)

Went kayaking! Pics courtesy of Chings who brought his iPhone out to sea hahah.



Ze Couple^^^ hahaha



So I like found a coconut and started throwing it at people.


Must photobomb. Haha.


The tide was low near Chek Jawa and the bridge thingy so we parked our kayaks at the beach and walked on a stretch of sand littered with many shells (and glass!!) Picked shells while the boys climbed rocks. Lol. I had a ‘jellyfish’ and was throwing seaweed bombs at people. LOL



Look at this CC. Whole day werkin it



-_-” Last warning hahaha.



Yay!! Thanks Chings for uploading :))

Then we saw too many lightning bolts and stuff so we headed back!! After washing up we went to get drinks, eat Junyuan’s snacks (YAY!) and thanks to Ken Joseph who bought us ICE CREAM!! (YAYZ!!)

And haha celebrity shot—-> LOLOL


Finally moved our asses from the nua place after a while…and under Junyuan’s insistence we went for a walk. Lol.


The happy boys at the highest point of Ubin! Sacrificed much blood to the mozzies for this. Hahaha.


Chings the thinker. Hhaah

Went back to Changi Village for dinner! Everybody was sunburnt hahaha. 

Had lots of fun teehees :DD But probably no more kayaking for a while. Next stop,  MORE ISLANDS! and maybe MALAYSIA GUYZ?! :D

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