three times tingles

A still from Ernest & Celestine, a beautiful and sweet French animated movie.

A still from Ernest & Celestine, a beautiful and sweet French animated movie.

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feeling blue

I don’t even have to go to work now but I’m feeling the monday blues alright. I think the idea about the winter months being kinda depressing is true- the almost-daily monsoon weather adds on to this cold feeling D:

Ah well. Just need some sun and beach.

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vanishing point

vanishing point

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^ super imaginative title.

Have been reading up! Unfortunately will not be able to hit my Goodreads goal of 100 books this year, but it is the furthest I have come so far :) 82/100 and still going strong- I have 12 books from the NLB, half read on my bedside table.

Dragged self up in the morning to go for the CAPTure phototrail! Haha my first time going out specifically just to take photos with my point&shoot canon. The theme was Fusion- argh lol I gave up within 10 minutes and just shot whatever I liked. Met new people and they’re cool! Finally finally somebody knows whats that ooOO bird called! It’s a KOEL!!

An Asian one. Confirm hear before (click)
I have never been able to spot one but yeah. I can’t spell your name but you’re cool! Loving the bird and nature photog :)

Will post the best photos of the crop - turns out I like to shoot 

  1. Lines
  2. Nature (esp flora/fauna)
  3. Events- ie. my friends

You see if the photos hipster enough not. ;)

Didn’t know them well but it was fun company! (so says the socially awkward turtle.)

Photo stolen from Zack.

Then headed off to Esplanade lib to write my x’mas cards! This year is bit of a hot mess- tried to DIY and haha I’m not a very precise person so it’s a little botched but HAHA okay nvm.

Thanks jojo for coming all the way just to deliver a blueberry muffin & badge from disneyland!! Love love <3

Watched a performance by a group of deaf people who signed christmas songs! Oh dear sign language is not easy to catch at all. (They tried to teach us.)

Got seated for T’ang and boy it was great being there!! Like meeting old friends :’) Esplanade’s a little too big for people accustomed to their intimate perfs but they’re still good. Love all the elements and Imma check out my favourite pieces and LOOP EM. Fking good technique & awesome chemistry and vibes. Love.

Hung out for a hazelnut crumble at ninethirty (thankyou lingz) before we caught a few energetic songs by Jefferson Pop Quartet- who was already on their third set of the night! We were so amused by this singer who was so pumped up and high- really got the crowd moving. He even star jumped Hahha. Amazing energy.

The saxophone dude was awesome. Got me thinking- you gotta be so good that stage fright, fatigue, shit venue or acoustics never affect you. Like the singer was running around and jumping but his energy never waned- so much respect for that. What it takes to be an entertainer.

Aight Imma scoot off :>

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&amp; where to?

& where to?

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brace yoselves

Putting the music out there, online, is like.. T_T”!!!

It’s not very nice to think about when you see all the criticism and nasty comments (on other people’s videos) on Youtube… and so far I have only received nice comments but everybody is my friend and family! (I’m not blind to that.. lol)

So definitely bracing myself for some painful stuff in future. *shrugs*

Far from perfect I know- my guitar playing skills, singing, pitch, breathing… enunciation- lots to work on :) Which makes it fun for me.

At no point do I ever say I’m the best! But yes definitely working on it. I do want to learn from the best.

Thanks for staying with me guyz :D



Taking a leaf out of my favourite YTS, Gabe Bondoc’s book! There’s a reason why he does OTS - one take … shots (?) so that he doesn’t have to keep trying to make his stuff perfect. Plus I’m no magic music producer and arranging tracks may keeeeel me like that.

Not going to try to make this perfect- if it’s decent, I’ll ship it.

Real artists ship.


Gold Dusk: Tzu Hsiang’s 21st

Starting off this incredibly long post of my 21st birthday celebration & acoustic gig!


Have never celebrated my birthday on the actual day (15 Dec!) with SO many people in my life.. so this was exciting!!

I never really had a birthday party before- December babies don’t get much choice what with the Singapore academic calendar here! Was initially lazy to throw a party- but decided to after I woke up from a dream where I was having a party (lol).  Woke up excited, hopped onto Google and found a venue after a lot of searching. Booked the place in the next hour with Weeyong’s help and voila! Time to invite friends and plan this shit. Hahah.

Trying to pin down a theme was difficult. Like Jess says, I wanted a little bit of everything. Eventually did a mix of garden/woodlands theme and named my event Gold Dusk. Heheheh. This is my invite that I used for the Facebook event & Whatsapp!


Ripped the picture off from talented artist Gerren Lamson.

Made party favours!! Am a very goodie bag person so this was a must. Found these gorgeous gold bows from Daiso- bitch please $2 for 32 bows!!! HAHA *smirks* Candy from Marks & Spencer’s ! Home printed the card/set list :) Thanks to Wenx who helped to punch butterflies & make pretty bunting :)


Also made a lot of these paper chains->


That’s my dress! From Forever New, sponsored by my mama :)


My heels from Charles and Keith! On discount also muahahaha.

Also scoured through many old family albums to make this:



cute anot… HAHAHAHA the unglam pics really crack me up.


Woke up early and headed out to buy flowers & collect macarons :)) Made my animals which… I thought were a good touch. Later on went to collect the helium balloons from Party Joy in Parkway. Lol @ all the children’s faces while walking to the carpark. HAHA.


Uncut flowers from Haig Road :)


Dem last minute woodland creatures with colour pencils, drawing block, marker and cardboard.

Around 4 plus, Wenxin came to pick me and my sis and ALL MY STUFF up haha. Including the balloons and Feizai my guitar. Big thanks to wenx for all the help… lol madness really. <3 <3

The Venue: MESRC, 21 Evans Road :).

Nearest MRT, Botanic Gardens

Found the place through reading someone’s blog (hahaha) and what really nailed it was the outdoor gazebo & more importantly, the stage. Where I can hold my first acoustic session!! You can book the place if you have an MOE account!! (Find yo teacher friends!!!) Plus, it was way more affordable than a chalet or a cafe (at least $1000 yo…) The place comes with amps, 60 foldable chairs, projector and etc. Perfect for my party needs- only that it’s a little ulu la. Lol well done all guests for making it there!! Hahaha :) You really deserve pats on the back for finding this place.

The lounge going under decoration works… thanks Rae, Wenx, Sandra, Quek for coming early to help! :D



Dontcha like those flowers in jars and vanilla candles (Ikea)? The jars were all found at home. LOL like Prego and Ragu and Jam jars. LOL. Thank you wenx for arranging the flowers~~


IT RAINED!!! So I didn’t get to use the outdoor gazebo…but it’s okay! 

Was a little stressed out haha - I said ” I don’t care”, “Whatever” , “Anything” like 10000x times when my friends and sista were helping me to decorate LOL. Everything to your own discretion haha :D

Catered food for 40 from Orange Clove~! I had about 45-50 guests that day I think..a good estimation since I only had a little bit of leftovers and my guests liked the food - lol there were people who went for 3 rounds LOL. 10 dishes ! Love the tom yum fish cake & spaghetti :) Food is proudly sponsored by my dad :D



Toyed with ideas like chocolate fountain but I didn’t know if I would have a microwave so I set up another dessert table anyways. Here’s a pic of my dessert table! Love love all the flowers and vanilla candles and everything.


Ordered Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma macarons from Yue Huan’s bakery, Dezerto! Hahah fking adorbz right.


Also made a playlist of energetic songs and basically anything and everything I like. Haha was encouraging cuz amidst all the rushing about it is always comforting to hear some song you love.




Had Pikachu and a dinosaur at my party!!! Hhahaha.



Hahahah Rachel, Jo, Liren and Casper playing the CUPS song!

Hit a cinch- the mics were NOT THERE!! Was pretty resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t be performing with a mic but the day was fking saved by Godwin zomg who had all his magician and performing gear with him wahlau I am damn heng!!! Thanks a billion! And again to the couple Joyce and Godwin who invited the caricature artist that was super interesting!! Like hahaha I would have never thought of that. Awesome :)


Happy Jess with her caricature.


And happy Kailin :)

My sister was super useful that day HAHA let me recommend you to bring a fam member you can count on on a busy event and won’t be paiseh to ask for help. Like sending her out to claim lost guests who can’t find the venue. Multiple times. Lol. (Will insert a pic of us later- can’t find a pic of us.. yet)

Around 8 plus I started my acoustic gig!



Haha I was pretty nervous. Was super keyed up for the whole day so I didn’t get a time to calm the fuq down before the perf.. haha. Thankfully after the second song (Radioactive x Trouble) kinda relaxed cuz I play this a lot haha. Missed out/mumbled through a ton of lyrics for Misery Business and Royals hahaha familiar enough with it!! Royals was hilarious HAHAHA I have the best audience ever.


Fairy lights borrowed from Jojo :) Thanks Quek & San who kept sticking them up since like.. 5.30 pm lol.

Glad you guys liked my lame short songs like the Don’t Wanna song too HAHA. Wasn’t even thinking anymore and couldn’t even remember my starting chord for Death by Sea- fumbling like a lameass hahaha. Thankfully saved by Matt who was like ’ A Minor!!’ HAHA! And also thanks to Oli for saving me for some lyrics also LOLZZ. 

Was possibly freaking out cuz I usually perform with people and have one sole job- to sing. And not sing AND play at the same time. Alone. Haha so props to myself *clap clap clap* HAHA!!


Thanks woonie for finding the lyrics of Spiralling Sunday and singing along HAHA!! And all my other ardent fans you guys rock <3 Thank you for all the kind words and support and love. <3

Then it’s time to cut cake!!




Cake from Rive Gauche. I don’t know why there was an alcohol taste lol I never planned for thizz o_o Thanks Yuting for bringing my cake over :)

I love you all :)





And thank you for all for the presents- didn’t really take photos (probably kinda ate some of them already HAHA). But was really touched!! Holy shit guys you people are amazeballs. Lol opening gifts that are kinda surprises that I confirm will like is like… an amazing feeling (cause I posted a wishlist heheh). And LOL at the range of presents. Useful stuff like vouchers and guitar things yay!, subtly asking me to grow up stuff (like buying 正经 clothes and gifting a 正经 bag :P) and also a hello kitty toy microphone HAHAHAH, and of course the REAL recording mic. and DRUMSTICKS!! ahha

And of course all the chocolate and home made brownies & jelly heart cakes!!! Which I obviously polished off. Already. Lol. And deliciously fruity smelling perfume haha ohmy. All MAH NEW CDs !! And my Nat Geog sub and flowers <3  And all the cards !!! And the hulkies video HAHAHA. 谢谢你们!<3



(oops, untreated photo. LOL)





Was showered with a lot of love that day, went home exuberant probably. Realised though I spent the entire night socialising I didn’t feel sapped out of energy- probably because everybody there WERE PEOPLE I LIKED!! HA! What a difference that makes.

Clearing out- I hardly did anything- my friends were so efficient I don’t even. Thanks for packing everything up even without me asking :’)

Going home- balloon drama HAHA thank you Rachel for driving a car full of people and balloons lololol to my place! XD The aaaahh sigh when your feet touches your slippers instead of the heels. Haha.

Also want to give a shout out to Adeline, my uni French buddy<3  who celebrated with me even though she was in Shanghai!! All decked out in the appropriate wear according to theme too :P Heehee you’re so cute!! 


And my sailor gals Han Yin & Joanne for sending birthday cards from overseas!! And Yi Lin too hahaha hugs <3

Also big hugs to everyone who was overseas or sick and couldn’t make it! Love love anyways <3 <3

Day after:

Hugging the Fiesta donkey and playing my new CDs, reading my library books and enjoying life with all dem beautiful flowers.


Thanks guys for being here <3 Thankful to have met you in my 21 years on earth :)

Cheers to more adventures together :)

Photo Credits: Bolong, Stella, Rae, and various Instagram accounts XD

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love, in other words

Was sifting through old albums of photographs- such a strange feeling to be coming across photographs of when you were only hours old- and consecutive shots of a sleeping baby that look almost the same. Suddenly comes to my mind that I am my mother’s first-born- haha that must have been a crazy feeling. The first time you hold your own baby and breathing.  Hours-old babies are hideous, wrinkly pink things- but as days go by their cheeks grow fuller, their body still soft but more fleshy. Adorable.

Also: pictures of my mum when she was expecting my sister- haha such a big pregnant belly! How on earth do pregnant women move, I truly wonder.. 

More pictures. The youth, the full crowns of hair the adults in your life had- less wrinkles, more gaiety, more life.  Silly pictures of my sister and I, in matching outfits (and when I was actually taller than her, tsk). Pictures of parents when young. Grandparents and aunts and relatives when they were young. Childhood friends, pictures from kindergarten field trips and performances.

And the countless birthday photographs- spot myself and my sister being lovingly showered with cake, presents and kisses from family..and I know that I am lucky, and I am blessed.

The party celebrations hit an ugly snag today and I was pretty upset. Disappointment mixed with sadness- and also a sense of unjust because this.. has happened before. Just let the emotions run out of me and then went to sleep. Sleep is a good restart for my emotions. Got out in a markedly better mood and mostly got over it. Yep. Life goes on. I don’t even blame anyone for this- it’s like.. I only have myself to blame for having expectations. Ah well life has its disappointments and I should be thankful it’s pretty minor compared to all the shit people go through.

Also seeing things from another perspective, it’s more of I should be thankful for all the people who are going to turn up, and that I am truly thankful for the presence. 

All it takes is a quick mindset change, and days will look brighter :)

In other news, very happy for my dear friend who has found love, a friend who passed her driving test, and friends who bravely walk on in life in face of obstacles. You guys rock and I’m glad to have you in my life. Reading the hulk chat and missing them. It’s hard not miss everyone when you see them every day and they’re such a big part in your living life. 

Time has told, who is to stay and who leaves. Who passes by in a fleeting and who stays rock solid with you.



Rainy days all week!! Am feeling super achey now due to the PT we did yesterday. Finally went back to softball, mmhms not in that bad shape I would say! Batting is shite with the e but throwing is okaaaay considering I haven’t thrown for god knows how long. but honestly trainings are meh without all the old team. Sighs.

Got to shoot a couple of hoops while waiting too! Lol my basketball itch.

Went back to CAPT for musical stuff too.. they are locking us down man! Access cards can’t access shit!! Locked out of my own lounge and college :’(  That’s.. pretty heartbreaking no? :(

Donated blood today, say hello to donation number 17! With Kokswee today, lol I failed blood pressure (again) but thankfully got through after a LOT of water. HSA gave us birthday gifts!! Blood drop dustcaps awwh so sweet. And HSA looks great after the renovation! Super bright and more user-friendly IMO. Better, more intuitive for everyone. Very thoughtful design! Me likey.

Got down to some mic stand drama haha and also went down to my party venue today.. to pay money (lol contrary to what you guys think.. do you really think I would go down JUST for a recee? I so lazy guyz!!) Joseph (the office guy) was super nice and helpful! Taught me how to use the sound system and showed me around. Yay to nice people.

The bukit timah law NUS campus is also GORGEOUS. Old colonial houses and stuff :D So quiet, so pretty and so.. serious and wow. Elegant elegant!!! :D 

Gonna head to botanic gardens too- a pity that December in Singapore means monsoon rains and stuff- holidays are meant for people to play outside! But it’s alright, we’ll just huddle together indoors and sleep to our hearts’ content <3

Wenx also came over to help me with last minute decorations- I’m getting pretty lazy and shit and she came with the perfect shade of cream paper!! Yay! Am not a person who readily accepts help so thanks a lot for driving over~~ <3 Can’t believe this girl is gonna head to Turkey next year to begin her SEP adventures :)

My birthday. Mmmms mixed bag of feels. Dealing with stress is quite.. interesting lol. It helps that I’m not a perfectionist and am more of an opportunist and lazy sloth. Having people drop out is kinda saddening but having people who can suddenly make it is pretty heartening too. So it goes both ways! Some of my favourite people are gonna be overseas…… so that’s… just too bad. Am sad but ohwell what to do right? :) Hope everything goes well :) Will definitely do a birthday post :)

Meanwhile. Cleaning out my room + selling things on Carousell to raise my travel funds!!! To go to Korea, Shanghai , Inner Mongolia etc etc and Japan if I’m a lucky shit. Heheh uh a girl can dream uhhuh~! <3

Alright time to scoot! Bye guys!



Was feeling pretty angsty with all the crap strewn around my bedroom. Moving back in CAPT means everything is displaced!! Spent the day cleaning out and arranging things. Quite an emotional process really I got rid of a lot of old childhood items. I also found hidden money HAHAH hilarious. There was this container with a lock- and when I opened it I found a gold ingot. For a while I thought it was real. THEN LOL I HELD IT AND IT’S LIKE LIGHT. LOL IT’S PLASTIC.

Omg why am I so troll I don’t even. LOL

Cleared out my bookshelf- I’m surprised I own so many books! Gave them to my sister- she can sell or give them away, I don’t really care haha. Don’t like old book smells or even book smells (yeah yeah judge me)- as in I don’t really LOVE and try to inhale the smell- this stuff is reserved for

  • BREAD!! Bakeries.
  • SHIN RAMYUN and spicy lamian
  • air con when it just starts up.
  • paper bags.
  • paper bags with seaweed shaker fries or in other words, more MSG.

So anyway I’m busy entertaining thoughts of travelling for a month and more after graduation next year! Not so much of a grad trip but more like cause I can crash my friends while they are studying overseas. This trip will mostly be in Asia! So far I really want to visit my friends in Korea and Shanghai.

Went to join a bunch of contests online HAHAHA well.. give me points for trying :)
This holiday I won’t be spending much- I guess I already spent a bomb on my birthday party so being thrifty should be easy.

Will try to sell more things, give and throw things away- and NOT BUY ANYTHING. The most heartbreaking thing so far is me not allowing myself to buy G2 black refills :’( Fkng sad haha but I will use up those ballpoint pens at home. Also found a lot of half-used notebooks today so that’s great :)

Sorry but I won’t be going to the cinema for a long, long time. Time to save~~! Hopefully eating less would also mean a slimmer me. Errrp think I thickened during the exam period oops :(

Will also try to find more money earning ventures! Gonna work hard.

Bye now!


your love is so clear to me

Holidays! Moved out of CAPT in a midst of frenzy… lots of activities + musical + birthdays in the past week!

Got to hang out with the hulkies- I love them very much. Tulpar came under attack and it really upset me and a lot of other people. :/

Am doing some musical things now, am sometimes quite alarmed by how big this can be and all the untapped potential in this. As the publicity head I have learnt so damn much in these few months. Have networked. Have emailed ‘official’ adult-ish people and organisations. Have learnt how to lead a team and have learnt so many things on the way- I think we are all growing together! 

Am still helluva scared but scared is good because scared means that I’m not in my comfort zone and I am feeling challenged. Which means I’m not very bored and I will indeed try my best.

It is very very important to have emotional pillars of support in trying times like this- jeezus haha lost count of days where I have felt so frustrated or lost. 

Really hope we can pull through this and make this production a success! May not mean much to people not involved now but it really involves so much blood, sweat and tears for us.



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