three times tingles

And…here’s my newest Original!!


when the stars go out and say goodbye

I see the moments in the shadows and the light

the warmth of your fingertips

they linger on tonight

baby just tell me

why we have to fight

when the morning arrives

will you still be by my side

we let the fire die

who else to blame but you and I

so hold me tight hold me tight

for one last time

hold me tight hold me tight

if only for tonight

hold me tight hold me tight

even as we cry

hold me tight hold me tight

I guess this will be goodbye

you said the moon was brightest in my eyes

we sat and listened to the stories of the tide

so many memories of you and I

but now I guess I’ll have to put the past behind

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An acoustic cover :)

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Did another cover- 2014 is the year for singing & gigs! <3

Kind of like the start of an incredible journey. 

Kinda apprehensive as well because.. we all know what happens when I suddenly like something a lot- it generally fizzles out (ahem HEARTMagazine). Peters out. Burns out. Yep. You get the idea.

So I hope to sustain this and grow with it! Let’s do this.

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memories and songs

every song triggers a memory, a feeling, a past.

the time I was angry with my friends for keeping some secret from me- being all sulky and grumpy while looping this album- turns out it was birthday surprise (see how Iame I can get?)

the song that I felt really described us so much- felt so young and wild and free.

the song that accompanied me through adolescent teen years, angst and growing up.

songs that I sang over and over again while studying through the years

songs that my classmates introduced me to- every song had its ‘master’ and you gave me the song by introducing it to me.

the band I introduced you to because I really liked them and now I kind of regret it because they’re stained with your memories

songs we exchange over burnt CDs, MP3s on MSN and finally, Youtube and Facebook.

childhood songs I heard on the radio when I was a kid in the backseat of the car

tv theme songs that are so nostalgic of a young, carefree past

your phone alarm song. which I now avoid.

the songs we jam to- they can only be sang like this to me now

songs introduced to me through teo heng

songs we sang and danced to as a squad

the songs I sent you when I liked you

the joy when you started singing the song I was looping all day long! You bothered to listen to it, haha ;)

songs that really encourage me when I’m completely down and out.

your favourite songs. that I will learn and serenade you :)

songs you sent me cause you thought I would like them. I still have them in my itunes library, love them.

when you actually sang me a song.

when you sang me my song.

when you sang your song.

my sad song playlist

when you looped my songs and told me about it

all the feels. music and its power <3

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my new song :)

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you’re just a phase

listening to: 

Was just checking out more of Brandon & Leah’s stuff and chanced upon this- oh god my favourite song for the day. And maybe for the week.

Have not been in the best of mental states for the past week. Which is why any word you say can stab me straight in the heart. Maybe wish you could be more supportive (or maybe look like you care) but I guess you are you and you are not me. Have kinda left all the emotional baggage behind, or am trying to anyway.

Thank you friend for telling me that you’d love me anyway.Takes a bit of effort to let things go. I know I have been difficult. <3 Hugs

Set some affairs in order and and some on fire and some rolling! In any circumstance I’m just happy that action is finally taken. Ball in your court now!

Updates: 41/100, I think we have a nice pace here! Update soon xoxo

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Showstopper- Brandon & Leah.

Good stuff!!! 

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like the legend of the phoenix

This guy is too amazing. Great cover with good vocals & awesome production. Still addicted to this song, followed closely by Lorde’s Tennis Court. She’s sixteen, from NZ! Just brilliant.

Let’s go down to the tennis court and talk it up like yeah

/edit lol look at this review:

Her voice is incredible — something like a cross between Adele and Ellie Goulding, but with a roughed-up smart kid swagger that’s completely foreign to both of them.” (via)


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Spiralling Sunday, an original by me!!!! <3

Check it out yo

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don’t wanna close my eyes

don’t wanna fall asleep

cos I still miss you babe

and I don’t wanna miss a thing

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This is called beautiful happy!! Such a lovely smile.

And when you kiss me, I know you miss me
And when you’re with me, the world just goes away

Shania Twain: When You Kiss Me

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Ellie Goulding’s cover of High For This

(Source: lesgenssontinsenses)

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These boys be charming :3

Let It Snow by my favourite cover band, The Baseballs!!

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Ellie’s new track,Bittersweet, for Twilight. 

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