three times tingles

This happened.

Prima Taste Laksa La Mian
Available at all good supermarkets, $… I forgot about around $3 or something.

ALRIGHT!! Finally bought it after seeing it on ads and everything. Being a fan of the instant, how could I ignore this!

So an opportunity popped up tonight and I decided to cook some!
Verdict: This stuff. Is. damnnnnn AROMATIC - the laksa soup is awesome possum stuff!

I didn’t know they didn’t have any like dried fish cake or etc so I only had a pathetic fishball to accompany the noodles (which, by the way were very Q though by my standards 7 minutes is a bloody long time for me to cook)

(And I usually just pour hot water and be done with cooking but today I actually COOKED the stuff in the pot- yeah and ate from it HAHA too lazy to transfer and wash more dishes HAHA)

So anyway. Good if you are craving laksa, but make sure you have other ingredients and stuff!!!  

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